15 GIFs to Perfectly Describe All the Emotions of Moving Abroad

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Moving to a new country is a quick way to experience the full range of human emotion: Excitement, anxiety, sadness…. For those who are on the path to becoming an expat, here’s a fun post on what you can expect to go through. And for all the veteran expats, just think back to when you went through this experience and how good it feels to look back and laugh.

1. You’re moving to a new country?! Super exciting!!

2. You start to panic: Do I have the money for this? You check your bank account repeatedly.

3. The panic continues. OMG there are so many details to take care of! #Overwhelming.

4. You get cold feet as the move approaches.

6. The big day approaches… “Oh crap, I’m moving tomorrow!”
 trip pack packing suitcase GIF

7. Saying goodbye is hard!

7. The big day is here! Nothing can stop you! You’re getting on that plane and heading off to the romantic life of an expat!

8. You’ve arrived! Adventure time!

9. Wait!! Adventure time is over. “I’m not a tourist — I actually live here!”

10: Everything seems so strange!

11. You’re feeling out of place.

12. Maybe you get homesick. Okay, you definitely get homesick.

13. You’re thinking you made a huge mistake.

14. But after a while you start to get comfortable in your new home, start to meet people, and start to feel better about the move.

15. And when you chat with your friends and family six months after arriving, you’ll tell them everything is good. Because it actually is.


Thinking about moving to a new country? Buckle your seatbelt and check out our Ultimate Guide to Moving Abroad.

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