5 ways expats can stay mentally healthy during quarantine

As countries across the globe continue the battle against Covid-19, a ‘second curve’ is threatening millions of people – the consequences of the pandemic on our mental health. For expats, feeling isolated and lonely are often very common emotions. These feelings are likely to intensify by the travel restrictions that are preventing us from returning […]

Expat Life as a Millennial LGBTQ

Hi, my name is Michael Kwadjo (Qweh-joe) Kyei Boateng. I am a first-generation Ghanaian immigrant who feels like an expat of the world. I was born in New York (shout out to the Bronx!) and raised by my mother. She would send me to live with family around the world while she worked a full-time […]

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How to Budget for Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country: it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, and maybe it’s just a little bit intimidating. Making sure all your finances are in order before you hop on that plane will help you. You will feel a little more secure and confident when you get to your new home. Here’s how to get started. […]

A Comedy of Errors: What NOT To Do When Moving Abroad

I have become a bit too confident about my international moves recently. Having relocated overseas 5 times in the past 3 years, I thought I knew the tricks and could make it happen whilst I’m on the road. How wrong was I! I was setting off on a Europe-wide tour, which would allow boyfriend and […]

Top Tips For Becoming An Expat From Our Guest Expert

If you’ve made the decision to become an expat, then chances are you’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’re aware that the process can be complicated, but as the millions of expats around the world will confirm, the rewards can greatly outweigh any risks. A happier life can await you in your new […]

GoodMigrations Guest Post on Wealth Ships

We’ve been working our way around the world, so to speak, by emailing fellow expat bloggers in our quest to build up customer reviews of international movers. The feedback has continued to be encouraging and some bloggers have joined our quest to improve the world of international moving. Sharon Hiebing, of Wealth Ships, is an […]

How to protect yourself during an international move

Its important to understand the basics before moving abroad for the first time. That is why I recently wrote a guest post on how to ensure a seamless international move. It was a huge success and you can read a snippet here: “All movers are not created equally. The scams that plague domestic moving — […]

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GoodMigrations featured on KnowItAll.ch

GoodMigrations is currently featured on the homepage of KnowItAll.ch, a website for the English-speaking expat community of Geneva, Vaud, and neighboring France. Given the number of expats and expat movement in this region, they thought GoodMigrations would be useful to their readers. Here is a snippet from the article. How do you find a reputable moving […]

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