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Every month we post articles focused on various topics to help you navigate through the craziness of life overseas as an expat. Together we make this world a bit smaller each day. “Away With Kate” is one of the amazing people who help write these great pieces and now its time to shine a light on her.

Where do you call home?
Home to me is the small little lake town of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada where my parents live. My second home has quickly become Toronto, Ontario where I moved for work a year and a half ago.

What countries have you been to?
I’ve been to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Barbados, Peru, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Away With Kate

Nusa Dua Beach – Bali, Indonesia

Would you ever consider living outside of Canada? If so, where would you like to live?
I’d absolutely consider living outside of Canada again. After living in Mexico for a year in high school and Australia for a year after college, I loved the feeling of calling someplace new my “home”. I recently visited Hong Kong and could see myself enjoying the hustle and bustle of that crazy city, while also getting to relax on the beaches. But in order to stay closer to family, I’d say a winter home in San Diego would do me just well, too. Read more…

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New look, new features, same mission

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

Map of the world - move anywhere with GoodMigrations

You may have noticed our new website design. Here at GoodMigrations we’re on a mission to make the process of moving abroad easier for our fellow expats. As part of this mission we’ve redesigned ourselves with a new, streamlined look that puts the focus on our main purpose: helping you find international movers for your move. Based on feedback from users, we’ve also added some more robust features. Now you can easily compare quotes from different movers and book your move through the site!  Best of all, we remain a completely free resource to all of our users.

How it Works
The process is simple. Search for movers located near you, read reviews from previous customers, and request quotes from the ones you like. As before, the movers will contact you to schedule a visual survey of all the stuff you’re shipping. This is the best way to get an accurate quote. The quote will be posted back to the site using our standardized template, making it easy to compare what services each mover is including in their cost.

What’s so special about this “standardized quote template?” Well, most people move abroad once or twice in their lives so aren’t familiar with the moving industry. It can be hard to interpret all the insider lingo that movers use — even the best movers may refer to the same service using different terminology. Knowing exactly what’s included is important so you don’t get hit with extra charges down the road. You’ll have a simple side-by-side comparison of all your quote requests. Terminal handling charges? Inland freight? What’s all that stuff mean? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve done a side-by-side comparison of your quotes using our new standardize quote template you can easily book a mover all through GoodMigrations. No more googling movers on the Internet or submitting quote requests on sketchy sites where you can’t evaluate the movers. Take care of all your moving needs in one secure place.

This is a big step for the international moving industry as we continue to work on eliminating the uncertainty and frustration of moving your stuff overseas. If you or someone you know is getting ready for their big move abroad then come to us to find a mover!

Interested in beginning your move overseas? Start here!

Are you a mover? Learn more about who we are and what we do here!


Read reviews and find an international mover

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

find and international mover with GoodMigrationsRead reviews and find an international mover near you. In April 2012 we launched GoodMigrations to help people moving abroad get more insight into the international moving process and determine which international movers were reputable. We also wanted to provide independent social proof for all the great moving companies out there.

Over the past year the response from expats has been great. But there’s still a lot of work to do so we’ll be adding new functionality to the site over the next couple months.
One of the features we’re looking to include is a way for people moving abroad to easily compare moving quotes. We’ve found that for a person moving to a new country for the first time, comparing different moving quotes can be difficult given the different terminology and templates used by different companies.

Additionally, most customers don’t know enough about international moving to ask about things that may not be shown on the quote, such as terminal handling charges and container options. And of course trying to manage all the documentation and correspondence via email can be a headache since it gets buried under dozens of other personal or work messages.

On the moving company side, we’ll be looking at how we can help drive new business to the good, trustworthy moving companies — after all, paying for leads that are often bad or don’t go anywhere isn’t ideal. We also want to help the good guys really show off their track record and capabilities. As such, we’d love to get input from some international moving companies to make sure we’re adding features that can benefit them. So if you’re interested in contributing your thoughts please let us know and we’ll get in touch.

Just send us a note via email or Twitter 🙂

All the best,

Adam and Sharon

GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

We sent out our first press release last week to let the world know we’ve gone live!

GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving

May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — How do you find a reputable moving company to ship your stuff from one country to another? That problem faced Adam Vagley when he relocated from New York City to Sydney, Australia, and led him and his co-founders to launch GoodMigrations. The company, whose tagline is “Move abroad with confidence,” provides a free, simple-to-use website for finding international movers, reading customer reviews of those movers, and getting educated on the process of moving household items to a different country.

“The scams that plague domestic moving – damaged property, price gouging, delayed delivery – occur with international moves as well, where the stakes are much higher. Most people have never moved abroad before and, as a result, don’t know from experience where to turn to find a good mover,” said Vagley.

Consumers can search for international movers that serve their location and read customer reviews of how the mover performed. These reviews focus on three metrics: Cost, Time, and Condition. “Ultimately, people care about three things: did the move cost what you said it would, did my stuff arrive when you said it would, and was it damage free.” Vagley explained. For those who have already moved abroad, he added, “Reviewing a mover only takes a minute and is a great way to help future expats make the right decision.”

Additionally, moving to a different country isn’t as simple as moving to a different neighborhood or state; there are many factors to consider that can impact the final cost and level of service. To help consumers learn about this process and what to look out for, GoodMigrations offers a free international moving guide that walks consumers through an international move from beginning to end.

Just as importantly, GoodMigrations is a platform for good movers to show their worth. “There are certainly a few bad apples in the moving industry, but there are also a lot of companies consistently providing great service, and they deserve the social proof that an independent site like GoodMigrations provides,” said Vagley. International movers can create a free profile on the site to manage their company information and business locations.

About GoodMigrations
GoodMigrations LLC is a resource for anyone moving abroad to find international movers, read customer reviews, and get tips on the moving process. So they can move abroad with confidence. For more information please visit
You can follow GoodMigrations on Twitter and become a fan of GoodMigrations on Facebook.

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The black hole of international moving

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

“I would love some recommendations [for international movers]. I have been getting quotes for the last few days; it’s confusing and it’s very hard for me to trust these movers. It’s amazing how there are seemingly no good resources for this…I have searched the darkest corners of the internet to no avail.”

“The second I think I have found a reputable company I google their name followed by ‘scam’ and find just as many bad things.”

The above comments were posted on an expat forum by a citizen of The United Kingdom moving to France and expresses a similar sentiment I had when moving from the United States to Australia. It’s amazing that thousands of expats-to-be are stumbling blind trying to find a service that will cost them thousands of dollars. That’s why we started GoodMigrations: to fill that void and help people make smart decisions so they can move abroad with confidence.

Moving Abroad Stress FreeBut we’re young and just starting out, so we need your help! If you are or were living overseas and shipped your belongings, then please take a minute to review your moving experience here on the site (and pass along the word to all your expat friends that we need their help, too!).

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