Mythological places every expat wants to live

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Getting the opportunity to live overseas is a priceless experience. You get exposure to other cultures, get to try new foods, meet new people, and get the chance to travel to new and exciting places.

When I was living overseas in Australia, I took the time to ensure that I traveled near and far in the region. Throughout the years I visited places like New Zealand, Fiji, and Tasmania (yes, I know it’s part of Australia…).  These were such memorable years of my life and I will treasure them forever.

And now that I’m living back in the United States I continue to toy with the idea of one day living in Europe! You could see a new country every month since it’s so easy to get around. Many current and wannabe expats have a bucket list of places they hope to live one day. Here are a few places that, as magical as it would be, will never make its way onto our bucket list and will never get checked off.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
As if you don’t know about this place…
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Mythological places

Home to the superhero Thor.
Thor's Asgard mythological places

Shangri La
Made famous by the 1933 novel Lost Horizon and synonymous with earthly paradise.
ShangriLa mythological places

No, not Michael Jackson’s ranch; we’re talking about the home of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and The Lost Boys.
Peter Pan's Neverland mythological places

C.S Lewis’ fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts, and talking animals.
Narnia mythological places

King Arthur’s 12th century castle and court. As Monty Python once said, it’s a rather dull place.
King Arthur's Camelot mythological places

Middle Earth
The fictional universe of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
J. R. R Middle- Earth mythological places

The British school of magic from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book and movie series.
Harry Potter's Hogwarts mythological places

A musical in which two American tourists stumble upon Brigadoon, a mysterious Scottish village which appears for only one day every hundred years.
brigadoon mythological places

A fictitious land and home to Emerald City and The Great and Powerful Oz
Wizard of Oz mythological places

What are some mythological places where you’d want to live? What about real places? Find movers in your area now at GoodMigrations.

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Are you a Christmas Guru?

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

GoodMigrations Christmas Guru Quiz

As expats know, one of the great benefits to living abroad is getting exposure to cultures outside of your own. This can range from the mundane (shops closing early) to the extreme (Russian drinking games). However, these are things that make life overseas so much richer.

To get in the holiday spirit we thought we’d test our fellow expats on their knowledge of Christmas traditions around the world. So if you think you might be a Christmas Buff, or just want to learn what different countries around the world do to celebrate, take the quiz now. We’d love to hear how you do!

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How not to move abroad in photos

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

Similar to buying a used car, finding an international mover can be a stressful process. It’s never easy to spot the people or companies that you can trust and who genuinely have your best interest in mind.

We always do our best to help you, our fellow expats, get the most reliable information you need to make a well informed decision on which international mover to choose. Let’s face it… you can find way more reviews on a restaurant than you can on an international mover that you will be entrusting your life’s possessions to. From the beginning, we’ve always said:

…. 1... Read our international moving guide. A well informed consumer is a smarter consumer. Knowing the ins and outs before you begin the moving process will prove to be a huge asset later on.
2. Read our international mover reviews posted by individuals like yourself. These are trustworthy reviews because we at GoodMigrations have no affiliation with any moving company and therefore, never curate the reviews in anyone’s favor.
3. As stated in our international mover guide, get at least three quote request. This will help ensure you get the most for your money.
4. Always request an in-home survey. This is your opportunity to meet them and see what they are all about. Plus, this is the only way to ensure that your  quote is as accurate as possible.
5. Always thoroughly check your belongings before and after they arrive to ensure there is no damage to claim. Believe me, this is not a step to forego.


Whether this is your first time moving overseas or your 10th time, some things are not so obvious and that is why we are here to help. And sometimes things are so obvious it hurts. Here are a few ways not to move for you to enjoy.

Car Movers Truck overload Lopsided United Moto movers

Humorous Moving Tips

Funny Review of the Week

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

It’s high time for the latest and greatest edition of our Funny Review of the Week series:
Funny mover Reviews

When initially reading this review a few things stuck out that made me think something was disingenuous about this review. First, the sister is submitting the review even though she wasn’t the person who hired the mover. That’s like asking a friend how her food was at a restaurant and then submitting a review for them (“My friend’s food was great. She recommends the linguine. Can’t speak for myself because I haven’t been.”). Does anyone really do this? We found it to be very strange. Do you agree?

Second, the brother allegedly organized the move while his girlfriend was on vacation. I don’t know any woman who would go on vacation and leave her boyfriend to pack up all her personal things, or put strangers in charger of packing up her personal things. (“John, I don’t really feel like moving so I’m just going to spend the week in the Caribbean. Be a doll and move my stuff for me, would you?”). Especially when the guy is known to be irresponsible. What do you think? Would you do something like this?

Third, the review cites hiring the movers as the “best decision ever.” Anytime I see those words in a review I cringe. Staying in school is the best decision ever. Saying no to drugs is the best decision ever. Not starting a land war in Asia is the best decision ever. Are you really that excited about hiring movers? I’ve hired both domestic and international movers before and while I’m very appreciative of their labor and a job well done, I generally don’t consider it eligible for my Top Ten Lifetime Decisions list.

Best of all, if the movers ever hit a rough patch in the moving business they can clearly moonlight as a relationship counselor.

Funny Mover Review of the Week

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

In my online travels I often come across fake reviews submitted by moving companies to boost their rating on review websites. Obviously these companies have outsourced the job of spamming these sites because the grammar is terrible. Some of the fake ones are so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh out loud (literally). I decided I’d start sharing these in a Funny Mover Review of the Week blog post. Below is the inaugural review, by an Ian Bell, whose self worth is tied up in his ability to choose a mover. Enjoy!

funny mover review

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