Anatomy of an International Moving Quote

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how to understand a moving quote - anatomy of an international moving quote

It would be much easier for consumers if every moving company used the same template for their international moving quotes. Unfortunately, every company has their own version and — to make things even more complicated — each one uses different terminology. This makes it very difficult to compare quotes from different moving companies and determine how much it will cost to move to another country.

Still, there are some basic things that should be included on every quote and it’s important you understand them. We’ll walk through the major items to look out for in this post so you’ll be in expert in no time.

Note: All of the images below are from actual moving quotes that expats have asked us for help with. Movers in our network use our standardized template to make it easy to see what’s included in the quote and compare quotes, but we still help out expats who haven’t used GoodMigrations to find a mover.

This is what everyone cares about the most, right? At the end of the day, you want to know what the move abroad will cost you. Some quotes just have one price displayed while others have multiple prices shown. We’ll walk through a few examples. Read more…

What You Need to Know About Moving Pets Overseas

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

When moving overseas many of us instantly think about where we will move, what we will ship, and how everything will get there. It is not uncommon for us to forget about one very important family member… our pets. Whether you are relocating abroad with a cat or dog or some other furry (or feathery) friend, our pets are family members and moving pets overseas requires research and careful consideration.

Let’s dive right in.

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How to Move Abroad on a Budget (10 Moving Hacks)

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

The cost of moving to a new country can be expensive endeavor…particularly as you get older and accumulate nice things. When you are young and single, it’s easy to sell all your stuff, pack a few suitcases, and couch surf until you get on your feet.

However, for many (most?) of us this is not a realistic scenario. Most of the time we do need or want to take the things we own with us when we move abroad. After all, some have sentimental value, others are just too costly to replace in your new destination, and sometimes your couch just fits you perfectly and you’d never give it up.

One thing is consistent across movers, however: whether moving internationally for work, retirement, or some other reason, cost (and budget) is usually top of mind. Shipping your stuff is typically the biggest cost of an international move unless you’re dealing with lawyers to help with a visa.

The good news is there are ways to keep your moving costs down. Here are our tips for moving on a budget so that you can keep some extra cash in your pocket:

Tips for moving on a budget
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Before You Move….Declutter!

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” as the Bard wrote in Romeo & Juliet. Unless, of course, it’s decluttering all the unwanted items from your home before you move.

This pre-move purge is an important step in the moving process to help cut down on your costs. Unfortunately, we often see clients neglecting to do this before they start to get moving quotes.  Lots of people come to us requesting moving quotes, but they haven’t even thought about what they actually want to take and what they want to get rid of.

This is a mistake — you should declutter before you begin requesting moving quotes. Why? Well, international movers need to have a realistic estimate of how much stuff you are shipping in order to create an accurate moving quote.

Many expats get frustrated when a quote comes back higher than expected (moving abroad ain’t cheap), so they have to cut out all the unnecessary items and begin the quote process again. So why not make it easier on the moving company and yourself by taking the time to decide what you really want to take overseas before contacting a moving company?

Today, our homes are packed full of things shoved away in boxes we haven’t seen or touched in years. We keep clothes for years without wearing them and even hold on to unused and outdated radios, televisions, iPod, and old smartphones.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

The ultimate checklist for moving abroad

Moving is always a stressful event, even if you’re just moving down the street. But moving to a new country is much more complex, so if just thinking about moving abroad gets you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Our Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad will have you moving like a pro.

Download the ultimate checklist for moving abroad

We cover every step you’ll need to follow to have a successful move to your new home and getting up and running once you arrive, from how to get health insurance abroad, to finding and booking a moving company, to finding accommodations in your new country.

We recommend reading through this entire checklist a few times so you know what’s coming and can prepare accordingly. You can also download and print this guide out for free! Read more…

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