Before You Move….Declutter!

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” as the Bard wrote in Romeo & Juliet. Unless, of course, it’s decluttering all the unwanted items from your home before you move.

This pre-move purge is an important step in the moving process to help cut down on your costs. Unfortunately, we often see clients neglecting to do this before they start to get moving quotes.  Lots of people come to us requesting moving quotes, but they haven’t even thought about what they actually want to take and what they want to get rid of.

This is a mistake — you should declutter before you begin requesting moving quotes. Why? Well, international movers need to have a realistic estimate of how much stuff you are shipping in order to create an accurate moving quote.

Many expats get frustrated when a quote comes back higher than expected (moving abroad ain’t cheap), so they have to cut out all the unnecessary items and begin the quote process again. So why not make it easier on the moving company and yourself by taking the time to decide what you really want to take overseas before contacting a moving company?

Today, our homes are packed full of things shoved away in boxes we haven’t seen or touched in years. We keep clothes for years without wearing them and even hold on to unused and outdated radios, televisions, iPod, and old smartphones.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

The ultimate checklist for moving abroad

Moving is always a stressful event, even if you’re just moving down the street. But moving to a new country is much more complex, so if just thinking about moving abroad gets you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Our Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad will have you moving like a pro.

Download the ultimate checklist for moving abroad

We cover every step you’ll need to follow to have a successful move to your new home and getting up and running once you arrive, from how to get health insurance abroad, to finding and booking a moving company, to finding accommodations in your new country.

We recommend reading through this entire checklist a few times so you know what’s coming and can prepare accordingly. You can also download and print this guide out for free! Read more…

How Does an In-home Survey Work? Get the Low-down

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

You may see the term “in-home survey” when reading about the international moving process, or moving companies may mention it when you speak to them. You may also hear it referred to as a “home survey,” a “pre-move survey,” or “in-home estimate.” We’ll discuss exactly what this means, what you can expect, and things you should look out for during the survey.

What is an in-home survey?

To provide an accurate estimate for your international move, the moving company needs to know what you’re shipping. So all the furniture, dishware, pots and pans, books, clothes, toys, stuff in the garage, and all the random things you have that defy categorization need to get tallied up if they’re going with you.

Most people are pretty good at listing all the furniture and other big items they have. But how many boxes will the books and toys fill? What about all the stuff in the garage? This is where people start to wildly miscalculate when they try to fill out one of those “instant quote” forms on websites or tell the moving company how much they’re shipping.

Trying to estimate the size yourself is how you end up with an inaccurate quote and potentially owe a lot more money once the mover actually picks up your stuff. That is not a surprise you want. Read more…

A Comedy of Errors: What NOT To Do When Moving Abroad

Admin  @GoodMigrations

I have become a bit too confident about my international moves recently. Having relocated overseas 5 times in the past 3 years, I thought I knew the tricks and could make it happen whilst I’m on the road. How wrong was I! I was setting off on a Europe-wide tour, which would allow boyfriend and I, only 3 days to pack, clean and leave. When I put this ambitious plan together, I didn’t know we would be sending our belongings on their international journey without a destination address. Here is my personal expat story along with tips and tricks to help you.

Packing for the 6-week journey across Europe

I left home for 6 weeks just before moving internationally to attend a funeral in Finland, a wedding in Romania, an art exhibition opening in the UK, followed by house hunting in Spain. The weather in Malta, Turkey, and Spain were blazing hot, whereas Finland and the UK were the polar opposite. You can’t wear a floral dress for a funeral or a black dress for a wedding. What on earth do you pack for a trip like this? Anything and everything, it turned out.
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6 Steps to Hiring an International Mover

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

Hiring an International Remover the Right Way

Welcome to the world of international moving  Hiring an International Mover
Taking the leap into expat life is an exciting time. Whether you’re moving abroad for work, education, retirement, or just in need of a change of lifestyle, it’s an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Until teleporting is invented and visas are no longer required, there are quite a few logistical challenges to moving to a new country. One of the biggest is moving your stuff – you know…furniture, dishware, clothing, books…all the things that make a home a home.

Moving all your belongings overseas can be expensive, so before you go down the path of hiring a mover you should decide whether you need to take it all. For some countries, it might be cheaper to sell most of your things and just buy everything new in your destination. On the other hand, if you’re moving to a more expensive country, then shipping everything might be a less expensive option.

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