How Tech is Changing International Relocation

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Moving overseas can be a difficult decision for many. Whether one is moving for studies, employment or simply a lifestyle change, they will have a few things to consider. These factors include the cost of living, family, the level of security in the foreign land, and expected benefits of the relocation.

Why Employees Avoid Moving Overseas

Workers that have not lived abroad before can be especially skeptical of their first major relocation. Overseas moves can be expensive and stressful, not to mention a potentially drastic culture shock in their new home country.

The employer should take care of any logistical concerns, as well as, prepare them emotionally for their new destination. There is a rise of “relocation counseling,” counseling specializing in the treatment of those who have recently been hired, transferred, or transitioned to an unfamiliar city or environment, in overseas relocations. (Relocation counselors make a decent living if you’re thinking of a career change.)

The employer must also ensure the worker maintains a comparable standard of living in the new country. Typically, this is done with increased financial incentives or bonuses and monitored through satisfaction surveys. And let’s not forget about the children. Employees with kids want reassurance that their children will attend quality schools and their education won’t be compromised. Without the above,  the employee is unlikely to take seriously or accept an offer to move abroad. Read more…

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Get To Know “Away With Kate”

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Every month we post articles focused on various topics to help you navigate through the craziness of life overseas as an expat. Together we make this world a bit smaller each day. “Away With Kate” is one of the amazing people who help write these great pieces and now its time to shine a light on her.

Where do you call home?
Home to me is the small little lake town of Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada where my parents live. My second home has quickly become Toronto, Ontario where I moved for work a year and a half ago.

What countries have you been to?
I’ve been to the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Barbados, Peru, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Away With Kate

Nusa Dua Beach – Bali, Indonesia

Would you ever consider living outside of Canada? If so, where would you like to live?
I’d absolutely consider living outside of Canada again. After living in Mexico for a year in high school and Australia for a year after college, I loved the feeling of calling someplace new my “home”. I recently visited Hong Kong and could see myself enjoying the hustle and bustle of that crazy city, while also getting to relax on the beaches. But in order to stay closer to family, I’d say a winter home in San Diego would do me just well, too. Read more…

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Its Official! Check out our Expert Expats!

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We at GoodMigrations are on a mission… a mission to help fellow expats navigate the logistical pain in the butt of moving overseas. Based on our own frustrations, we started GoodMigrations to make it easy to find a good international mover to get your belongings to your destination on time, on budget, and in good condition.

But how do you solve all the other challenges that come up before and after moving? You will have so many questions about neighborhoods, schools, healthcare, and mobile phones, just to name a few things. However, even we have limitations since we don’t have the inside scoop for every city around the world . Starting now we plan to change all that with our Expert Expat Program!

Our Expert Expat Program is designed to help fellow expats get ready for the big move and acclimate to their new surroundings by connecting to actual local expats. These expats have been where you are, done what you’ve done, and have come out on top!

GoodMigrations Expert Expat Program

Are you getting ready to move overseas? Have you just landed in a new country?
Go here to see if we have an expert expat in your area. You will be able to connect with a real local and get help answering those tough questions that only a local would know.

Have you been living overseas for some time now? Would you be a great source of information for other expats moving to your city? You could be an ambassador to the world! Click here for more information

Sting operation to bust disreputable movers

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Its unfortunate just how many scam artists are out there. Not just in the moving industry but in lots of different industries. Fake reviews and dishonest moving companies are just a couple of the things to look out for when moving overseas.


“We will be moving to Edinburgh this summer. We’ve begun hearing horror stories about international moving companies.

This was a which was recently posted on an expat forum called Expat
Its disappointing that so many people feel the same frustrations when moving overseas but do nothing to fix it. The United States sees over 45 million moves per year, including domestic,  it’s no surprise that some disreputable movers are able to still operate.

It shouldn’t be like this though and this is why we started GoodMigrations. We want real customer reviews to help drive business to the good international movers.
The ABC television network recently aired a segment on a couple that went undercover to bust a disreputable mover. You will see the horrible customer service. It’s incredible how terribly the mover treated these people (and it’s worth noting that the great majority of moving companies provide good service to their customers). Watch the video for yourself and maybe think twice about who you choose for your international move. (Video will open in a new window):
customers on a sting operation to bust disreputable mover



Expat Hub spotlights the best countries for expats

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We’re always happy to welcome guest posts from other expats or websites serving expats. Today Expat Hub digs into some of the data from the HSBC Expat Navigator survey. This identifies the top places to live and work as an expat….

The top places to live and work as an expat
Choosing where to emigrate to depends on a wide range of factors. Depending on your personal situation one country will better for you than others. Where is the best place to find work? Where is the best place to raise a family? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Best country to raise children
For a number of years Belgium has regularly topped the charts for the best place to raise a family. According to surveys carried out by leading international bank HSBC Bank’s Expat Navigator. 81% expats living in the country claimed that the standard of education on offer far surpassed those found in the UK. Belgium based expats benefit from some of the cheapest childcare costs in the world with a large number reporting that they paid a lot less than they did back home. Expat family’s living in Belgium reported that their children’s standard of education is better than that found in the UK.The worst country for expats according to the survey is surprisingly the UK. It ranks as one of the most expensive countries for childcare and raising a family.

Best country to find work
Providing plenty of opportunities for work and a high standard of living is the island nation of Singapore. This modern centre of trade and finance is a big draw to young professionals from all over the world. The city of Singapore may be one of the most expensive cities to live in the world in terms of housing but the wages earnt in the plethora of available jobs cancel out such costs. It’s no coincidence that 64% of all expats arriving in the country are young professionals from the UK who struggled to find work in the UK.The average expat that arrives in Singapore for work typically sees an improvement in their financial status and a noticeable increase in the amount of disposable income.

Best country for healthcare 
Regularly topping the healthcare charts is France. The French healthcare system is often regarded as the best in the world and won the World Health Organisation accolade for providing the best overall healthcare, beating nations such as the United States and the UK. As a citizen of a European country (which includes all 25 EU members, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein.) you are automatically entitled to free healthcare in France. European citizens travelling the continent should apply for a European Health Insurance card, these cards simplify the procedures required if you need or receive medical assistance during your trip.

Best country for public transport
Switzerland is home to the World’s best national transportation system. Like many European nations the Swiss take public transport very seriously and provide clean, safe and reliable forms of transportation system. The Swiss are renowned for their systems efficiency and the attention to detail for every aspect of the transportation system makes it the best in the World.

Best country for safety
New Zealand was a close contender for this title but unfortunately due to the dangers posed by natural hazards such as earthquakes, and to a lesser extent volcanoes, the island of the Kiwi was piped to the post. Instead, Denmark claims the top spot. Although famous for its past association with the blood thirsty Vikings, Denmark today is the world’s safest country. A great respect for human rights, high levels of gender equality, and low levels of homicide and violent crime make Denmark a very safe and exciting destination.

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If you’ve already moved abroad, if you’re in the process of moving abroad or if you’re only thinking about it, the Expat Hub is here for you.


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