How Tech is Changing International Relocation

Moving overseas can be a difficult decision for many. Whether one is moving for studies, employment or simply a lifestyle change, they will have a few things to consider. These factors include the cost of living, family, the level of security in the foreign land, and expected benefits of the relocation. Why Employees Avoid Moving […]

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Get To Know “Away With Kate”

Every month we post articles focused on various topics to help you navigate through the craziness of life overseas as an expat. Together we make this world a bit smaller each day. “Away With Kate” is one of the amazing people who help write these great pieces and now its time to shine a light […]

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Its Official! Check out our Expert Expats!

We at GoodMigrations are on a mission… a mission to help fellow expats navigate the logistical pain in the butt of moving overseas. Based on our own frustrations, we started GoodMigrations to make it easy to find a good international mover to get your belongings to your destination on time, on budget, and in good […]

Sting operation to bust disreputable movers

Its unfortunate just how many scam artists are out there. Not just in the moving industry but in lots of different industries. Fake reviews and dishonest moving companies are just a couple of the things to look out for when moving overseas.   “We will be moving to Edinburgh this summer. We’ve begun hearing horror […]


Expat Hub spotlights the best countries for expats

We’re always happy to welcome guest posts from other expats or websites serving expats. Today Expat Hub digs into some of the data from the HSBC Expat Navigator survey. This identifies the top places to live and work as an expat…. The top places to live and work as an expat Choosing where to emigrate […]

GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving

We sent out our first press release last week to let the world know we’ve gone live! GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — How do you find a reputable moving company to ship your stuff from one country to another? That problem faced Adam Vagley when he […]

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