The black hole of international moving

Adam  @goodmigrations

“I would love some recommendations [for international movers]. I have been getting quotes for the last few days; it’s confusing and it’s very hard for me to trust these movers. It’s amazing how there are seemingly no good resources for this…I have searched the darkest corners of the internet to no avail.”

“The second I think I have found a reputable company I google their name followed by ‘scam’ and find just as many bad things.”

The above comments were posted on an expat forum by a citizen of The United Kingdom moving to France and expresses a similar sentiment I had when moving from the United States to Australia. It’s amazing that thousands of expats-to-be are stumbling blind trying to find a service that will cost them thousands of dollars. That’s why we started GoodMigrations: to fill that void and help people make smart decisions so they can move abroad with confidence.

Moving Abroad Stress FreeBut we’re young and just starting out, so we need your help! If you are or were living overseas and shipped your belongings, then please take a minute to review your moving experience here on the site (and pass along the word to all your expat friends that we need their help, too!).

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