How to Keep Your Phone Number When Moving Abroad

*Originally published on September 15, 2017 but has since been updated to reflect new information. A decision many expats must make is how to stay connected with family and friends back home after they move overseas. For individuals moving within the EU, the dilemma of keeping a phone number when moving to a new country […]

How Tech is Changing International Relocation

Moving overseas can be a difficult decision for many. Whether one is moving for studies, employment or simply a lifestyle change, they will have a few things to consider. These factors include the cost of living, family, the level of security in the foreign land, and expected benefits of the relocation. Why Employees Avoid Moving […]

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The Expats’ toolkit: Translation Apps

As a coffee lover, I always look forward to sipping a cup of java in the city I’m about to explore. My usual routine is to ask a local where their favorite cup of coffee is. Since I’m not multilingual, there were multiple times that I needed some help in order to ask the million-dollar […]

Expats in film: International living Hollywood-style

Moving overseas is serious business. It involves your family, all your life’s possessions and a sizable chunk of change. Choosing to live the life of an expat is a big step to take. Here are a few of our favorite famous expats in film and what we feel their choice of country says about them. […]

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Expat Toolkit: 6 tools for staying connected long distance

(Check out our latest article on How to Stay Connected and Keep Your Phone Number After Moving Abroad.) Staying connected with your family and friends can be difficult when you move abroad. As an expat living in Sydney with family on the east coast of the United States, there were only a few hours during the day […]

Expat Toolkit: 3 websites to learn a new language

I was lucky: I moved to a country where everyone speaks the same language I do. Granted, some of the slang in Australia is decidedly foreign to me. It was a huge relief walking off the plane for the first time and being able to communicate with people around me, to find out where services […]

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