Keeping mover reviews honest

Just last week Outside magazine fielded this question: Can I trust the reviews on TripAdvisor? Their answer: Not always. TripAdvisor was one of the earlier review sites out there. It’s been around for 14 years and has 170 million reviews of 4 million travel properties and businesses. So they must be a venerable institution, right? […]

Funny International Mover Review of the Week

  We take our review process very seriously over here at GoodMigrations. However, once in a while we get a review that is just too funny not to share. Here is yet another one for our series on funny mover reviews. What I love about this review: 1) The terrible use of English 2) He […]

Busted! Calling out the first mover for a fake review

Anyone running a company has one or two things they constantly worry about. Currently, my biggest concern for GoodMigrations is preventing fake reviews on our site. So many review sites suffer from spam reviews submitted by shady companies trying to boost their ratings or competitors trying to discredit their competition. I’m constantly thinking through ways […]

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