Pet Relocation – Getting Your Furry Friend Overseas Safely

It’s not just us, the travelers and expats, who get excited about moving abroad… our pets do too! A stroll around the Louvre, balcony views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or a game of catch around Central Park, we just want to give our furry friends the best. That’s why getting them to their new […]

Adrenaline Pumping Activities For Expats And Travelers

Need not fret (frugal) adrenaline expats and travelers abroad, because we’ve done the work and here are nine epic activities you can experience around the globe that will have you leave saying, “whoa”. Whether traveling for fun or living overseas, these will get your heart beating. Australia Extreme Airplane Aerobatics Airlie Beach, Queensland Flip, […]

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Foreign Currency Exchange: 6 Tips For Expats

Cash. Credit. Debit. Cheques. There have been lots of discussions on different expat forums about foreign currency exchange and the right way to go about exchanging your hard earned money. Here’s what some people are saying: Jeff, a business traveler says: “I use the bank to order my foreign currency.” Dave, a frequent leisure traveler […]

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Airplane Hacks for Expats: 8 Tips from an Expert

Expats typically travel a lot. There is, of course, the “Big Move” when you relocate to your destination country. Unless you’re driving, chances are your next trip or move will include flying. After all the planning is done, it’s nice to know that once you step foot on the airplane an adventure shortly waits. We […]


Expert Expat Spotlight: Laura And Peter Down Under

Making the decision to move overseas can be a tough one at times. However, we don’t think that was the case for Laura and Peter of Laura and Peter Down Under. Their opportunity to leave Minnesota in the U.S to live and discover the fabulous city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia was an easy one. […]

The Expats’ toolkit: Translation Apps

As a coffee lover, I always look forward to sipping a cup of java in the city I’m about to explore. My usual routine is to ask a local where their favorite cup of coffee is. Since I’m not multilingual, there were multiple times that I needed some help in order to ask the million-dollar […]

6 Ways to Sleep Abroad – All Without a Hotel

If you’re feeling creative, there are lots of ways to feel comfortable and cozy while sleeping during your travels abroad – all without staying at a single hotel. We’ve explored a few options to give your next morning coffee abroad a new view: Sleep in a Swag Swag (n): traveling with ones personal belongings in […]

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