“Do you want to live and work in Australia?”

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“Do you want to live and work in Australia?” That was the message waiting for me before I shut down my computer one night at home. I knew the answer was “Yes” before I even rationalized it to myself but it wasn’t until my wife vocalized it that I knew it was a sure thing. And so began the adventure of moving our stuff across the world. I figured I’d just hop online, do a quick search for “international movers” and find lots of reviews of moving companies, right? After all, this is the age of transparency, where everything is published and accessible on the internet. Turns out I was wrong: the world of international moving is still a black hole.

And so I spent hours of my life digging through what limited information was available so I could make something resembling an informed decision. I scoured the vast world of websites and never found what I was looking for. In the end I went with a company that I felt somewhat comfortable with and, except for getting our stuff a month later than estimated, everything went pretty smoothly.

But during my many hours of searching the internet I found plenty of stories from people who relocated to a different country and had things go terribly wrong with their move. Damaged property. Goods held ransom until you pay more. Movers who lose your stuff and ignore your pleas for help. That’s what GoodMigrations is for: to make it easy to find reputable movers, review their quotes and book online. So you can move abroad with confidence.

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