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When my husband and I decided to take the plunge and move abroad we did it right! We moved as far away as we possibly could from New York City and ended up in Sydney, Australia. Now, no matter where in the world we live, it will always feel much closer to home.

Despite nearly 24 hours of travel time between New York City and Sydney we still only traveled a total of 10,289 miles, which put us 14,612 miles shy of going completely around the planet.

We thought we’d hit that milestone when, back in 2013, we took 3.5 months off from work and planned what we called our “Around the World” trip. The trip started in Sydney and went to the Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, London, New York, Florida, and finally Los Angeles.

Even this globe trotting only amounted to 21,939 miles, which was still 2,962 miles shy of actually traveling around the world. So to-date we still haven’t made it “around the world”, but next time you’re in a boring party and need some trivia to liven things up here are some everyday items and how many of them it would take to go “around the world.”

It would take 626,082,286 apples to make it around the world.

Apple World GoodMigrations

It would take 210,363,648 pencils to make it around the world.

Pencils GoodMigrations

It would take 350,606,080 iPhones to make it around the world.

Iphone 6 Goodmigrations

It would take 267,230 football fields to make it around the world.

Football Field GoodMigrations

It would take 109,564,400 French Bulldogs to make it around the world.


It would take 32,869,320 Great Danes to make it around the world.

Great Dane Goodmigrations

It would take 199,208,000 toothbrushes to make it around the world.
Toothbrush Goodmigrations

We’re interested in hearing from you. Whats the farthest distance you’ve traveled?

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