Nanny Costs For 12 Cities Around the World

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Raising a family can be hard enough in your home country with family and friends nearby. Want to make it even more complicated? Try it as an expat in some foreign country without those helping hands.

One way to make your life much easier is hiring a nanny or au pair.  Unfortunately for many of us, this is prohibitively expensive. In Los Angeles, a full time nanny would cost upwards of $30,000 a year.

We wondered, what are childcare costs and where could we afford a full time nanny? To see what kinds of places it would be possible, we’ve pulled together a list of 12 cities around the world and a range of typical weekly costs for a full-time, live out nanny. A few of these cities offer extremely affordable childcare and may just motivate you to take the plunge to move overseas…or at least do some fun daydreaming.

So join us on a trip through the tropics, global cities, and the great white north as we explore what a full-time nanny costs around the world.

Global Childcare Cost Infographic

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
Looking for an extra pair of hands in Phnom Penh, Cambodia? You can hire a full-time Nanny for USD $75-100 per week. That’s only $3,900-5,200 a year!

Hanoi, Vietnam 
Moving to Hanoi? In Vietnam’s cultural capital, you can get full-time help for USD $100-300 a week. 

Cape Town, South Africa 
South Africa’s stunning coastal city has nannies for hire, ranging from USD $100-400 per week.

Belize City, Belize 
Belize’s creatively named capital city is a destination for expat retirees. But if you’ve got a family to manage you can find full-time nanny help for USD $200-300 per week.

Mexico City, Mexico 
Moody Mexico City  is a cultural and business hub.  Nannies here cost USD $200-400 a week.

Quito, Ecuador 
Like Cuenca and other spots in Ecuador, Quito has been a hot expat destination thanks to its great climate and affordability.  Nannies are affordable, too! Full-time help will cost you USD $200-400 per week.

Budapest, Hungary 
Two cities (Buda and Pest) unite to become a stunning place to live. Bring the kids to Hungary, too! Full-time care is USD $200-400 a week.

San Jose, Costa Rica 
Costa Rica has long been a haven for American expats. After all, it doesn’t get much better than la pura vida. If you need someone to look after your children in the capital city of San Jose, you can expect to pay between USD $200-500 a week.

Reykjavik, Iceland 
With a name that’s as hard to pronounce as it is to spell (it’s RAY-Gya-veekk), nannies are surprisingly affordable for a European country: USD $300-400 per week.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 
No, it’s not Abbey Road. It’s Buenos Aires! Argentina’s capital is known for a great lifestyle at a relatively affordable price. Nannies here aren’t as cheap as other South American cities, however. Expect to pay $300-400 per week. 

Panama City, Panama 
Tax haven? Check. Major center of trade? Check. Nannies for $300-500 per week? Check. Get it all in Panama City, Panama.

Victoria, Seychelles 
When you really want that idyllic beach lifestyle you can’t do much better than the Seychelles, off the eastern coast of Africa. That lifestyle will cost a bit more than other tropical spots, however. If you need a nanny in the capital of Victoria, help is USD $500-700 a week. 


Ready to start looking for a nanny or au pair? Here are a few sites to help you with the process:


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