Infographic: Most in-demand jobs for expats

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Ever get the urge to go live in a different country?

Maybe after looking at Instagram and seeing some gorgeous travel photos? Or when a bad news cycle has you frustrated?

There’s just one problem most wannabe expats have (that is, for those who would actually act on those impulses): work. If you’re not a retiree, most countries require you to have a valid work visa to stay for any long period of time. Plus, you know, there’s the whole getting paid thing so you can afford to live. Expatting ain’t easy. 

But if you’re serious about pursuing the life abroad, our infographic is here to help. See which job roles are most in-demand around the world and which global cities are actively seeking out skilled expats. Perhaps now is the time to start thinking about a career switch and to do some apartment hunting when you’re bored at work. Plus, many of the companies with open jobs in these cities are offering awesome perks! Free coffee and snacks just won’t cut it anymore.

Most in-demand jobs abroad: Become an expat or digital nomad


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The roles below are the most in-demand overseas.

  • As software eats the world, the need for talented developers has skyrocketed globally and the number of job postings seeking global talent has risen in step. 39% of job openings are for developers (front-end, back-end, full stack, mobile, etc.).
  • The second place job role overseas? Well, you’ll need designers to create a great user experience for your product and people to tell the world about it. Of job postings for expat talent, 8% were for designers and 8% were for people with PR or marketing experience. 
  • The need for product managers comes in third, with 6% of job postings targeting this skillset.
  • Data science, sales, and management roles round out the most common openings.

“Go west, young man,” said the newspaper editor Horace Greeley. Or to paraphrase Mr. Greeley, go east. Europe and Asia are home to the cities with the most jobs for expats.

1) Tallinn, Estonia was home to nearly 20% of jobs
2) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had 16.5% of openings
3) Helsinki, Finland had 6.5%
4) Berlin, Germany had slightly over 5%
5) Ljubljana, Slovenia had about 5%
6) Budapest, Hungary had just over 4% of job postings
7) Bangkok, Thailand had 3%
8) Eindhoven, Netherlands had 3% as well
9) Singapore had just over 2.5%
10) Tartu, Estonia had just over 2% of jobs

Well known metropolises like Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Mumbai, and Seoul also made the list but didn’t crack the top ten.

Free drinks and snacks? That’s so passé. The companies below have stepped up their game to entice employees.

  • Actimo, based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, offers an “annual trip somewhere exotic.”
  • Casumo, in Malta, offers up their “dreamy office location.” As most of the northern hemisphere struggles through winter, it’s hard not to picture yourself strolling through Malta’s medieval streets and looking out at the Mediterranean. 
  • VAI, in Berlin, Germany, lets you bring your pet to the office
  • MatMatch, in Munich, Germany, provides free German classes so you’ll be sprechen sie deutsch in no time
  • Yousician, in Helsinki, Finland, has company work retreats in Greece, Thailand, and Tenerife. I bet that beats your company’s offsite.
  • Kognity, in Stockholm, Sweden, offers nine weeks of vacation!


Most of the jobs we saw are pretty standard sounding, but the ones below are the kinds of jobs you don’t see very often and speak to the need for all types of skillsets and experiences.

  • Yousician is looking for a piano music education designer
  • Plastotec, in Parnu, Estonia, needs a mechanic.
  • Outfit7 Limited in Ljubljana, Slovenia is looking for a game art director

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Source: We’ve pulled data from popular expat job site Jobbatical to come up with this list.


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