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find and international mover with GoodMigrationsRead reviews and find an international mover near you. In April 2012 we launched GoodMigrations to help people moving abroad get more insight into the international moving process and determine which international movers were reputable. We also wanted to provide independent social proof for all the great moving companies out there.

Over the past year the response from expats has been great. But there’s still a lot of work to do so we’ll be adding new functionality to the site over the next couple months.
One of the features we’re looking to include is a way for people moving abroad to easily compare moving quotes. We’ve found that for a person moving to a new country for the first time, comparing different moving quotes can be difficult given the different terminology and templates used by different companies.

Additionally, most customers don’t know enough about international moving to ask about things that may not be shown on the quote, such as terminal handling charges and container options. And of course trying to manage all the documentation and correspondence via email can be a headache since it gets buried under dozens of other personal or work messages.

On the moving company side, we’ll be looking at how we can help drive new business to the good, trustworthy moving companies — after all, paying for leads that are often bad or don’t go anywhere isn’t ideal. We also want to help the good guys really show off their track record and capabilities. As such, we’d love to get input from some international moving companies to make sure we’re adding features that can benefit them. So if you’re interested in contributing your thoughts please let us know and we’ll get in touch.

Just send us a note via email or Twitter 🙂

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