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Moving overseas, or to The U.S., from Canada can be a tough decision. It’s never easy to leave the comforts of your home country whether it be for work or maybe retirement. We at GoodMigrations have partnered with the best, most trusted movers in the industry to help take the stress out of your move. One such company in our trusted network is AMJ Campbell International. A professional, full-service, international moving company based in Ontario but serving all of Canada. We took some time to sit down with Danielle Oaks, Director of Business Development and Client Services, to ask a few questions so that you, the expat, can get to know them the way we do!

AMJ Campbell International - Canada - Relocation
We found this interview very interesting and could not agree more with Danielle on question number 7. This is a mistake too many people make time and time again.

What’s something you would like to share about AMJ Campbell International?

Our team consists of passionate and high-energy people who, behind the scenes, worry & fret about all of the details involved in an international move, but on the outside, make the details come together as though effortless!

How long have you been with the company?

13 years here at AMJ Campbell, and 20 years in the international moving industry

How many international moves a year does your company do? About 5000.

What credentials do you think every moving company should have?

100%, for sure, without a doubt, the mover should have the FIDI-FAIM accreditation.  This governs over 200 move and service-related operations and assures consistent high-quality results are achieved.

Have you ever lived outside of your native country?

Yes, in Geneva Switzerland

What motivated you to get into the international moving industry?

I enjoy the international aspect of the business, both from a customer point of view and the partnerships that we need to cultivate with our moving partners around the world.  International moving is a unique and sometimes unknown business: Being nimble and responsive is key to success and there is never a dull moment.

What are some of the most common mistakes made by individuals moving overseas for the first time?

It is easiest to compare movers based on their price.  However, the highest quality companies are those who invest in their people, the materials they use, their quality initiatives and the international network of partners who will also be involved.  Working with the most competent movers will net a trouble, damage and surprise-free move.  In the long run, paying more for true professionals will provide savings– whether due to cost, frustration or heartache.

What is the biggest tip you can offer someone moving overseas for the first time?

We are eager to connect happy (and consenting) clients with prospective clients.  Ask your moving company to view recent (i.e, from last week) comments from customers and better yet, arrange to speak with them.

Which countries do you move the most people to?

The UK is still a very popular destination but in recent years, traffic to the United Arab Emirates has increased.

What is the strangest item you’ve been asked to ship?

A series of 8’ high polyurethane moose…and Olympian Ian Millar’s horse, Big Ben.

AMJ Campbell International - Canada - Relocation

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