Moving from Boston to Florida: Movers and Cost 

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Moving from Boston to Florida can be a big change from the culture to the weather. Thousands of people moved from other states to Florida within the last year. Plus, Florida is the state with the most domestic movers. The south leads the country as one of the top moving destinations with 70% domestic migration.

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How Much Does it Cost to Move from Boston to Florida?

The cost of a long-distance move from Boston to Florida will vary depending on the services you will need. It is important to find moving services that can provide a stress-free moving experience.

Moving from Boston to Miami will cost you between $1,000 and $12,000, depending on how much you are moving and the moving company. Long-distance movers can be costly, but you can find Boston movers who will handle your items with the utmost care if you are moving locally.

Home Size Professional Movers Moving Container Freight Rental Truck
Studio/ 1 Bedroom $2,655-$5,840 $1,923-$2,429 $1,520-$2,160 $1,093-$1,509
2-3 Bedrooms $3,545-$8,050 $2,442-$3.650 $2,185-$3,180 $1,142-$1,763
4+ Bedrooms $6,288-$11,350 $3.273-$4,573 $2,850-$4,200 $1,444-$2,121

*Pricing above does not include lodging, gas, tolls, and other moving expenses. You can get a free quote by using our online moving cost calculator.

Why do moving costs vary so much?

Pricing for a move varies drastically for several reasons, including the time of year, how many inbound vs. outbound moves there are, and other expenses. You should also take heed of any hidden fees that Florida movers may charge you.

Inbound vs. outbound

Inbound and outbound take into account the number of people leaving and coming into an area—the higher the inbound, the cheaper the outbound. So with Florida being one of the biggest inbound locations, it will be less expensive to move out of Florida. This also means that your move from Boston may be on the higher end.

Time of year

You may be excited to get into your new home in Orlando, Miami, or Jacksonville, but planning your move at the right time of year can make an enormous difference in how much it will cost you. The summer months and children are out of school are typically the most expensive times to move. This is because these are the most popular times to move as well. Also, pick a move date that is not near a holiday or on a holiday weekend.

There are some annual events you should be aware of in each city that may drive up your move costs.

Boston Annual Events

  • Boston Marathon: Held in April
  • Harbor Fest: held in July
  • Phantom Gourmet: Held in SeptemberFlorida Annual Events


  • Jazz in the Gardens: held in March in Miami Gardens
  • Gasparilla Pirate Fest: Held in January in Tampa
  • Calle Ocho: Held in March in Miami

Fuel, Food, Lodging

The miles from Massachusetts to Orlando are 1,286 and are estimated to take 19 hours driving straight through. You should take this into consideration as your movers will be taking this driver to the Sunshine State. They will need to stop and eat, rest and refuel. You will then be given an invoice for those expenses that you will need to pay. Make sure to budget these additional expenses.

Gas and Mileage

Interstate moves can be tricky since they require a lot of mileage and assistance. The mileage and gas will play a pivotal role in your move. The best movers will try to cut costs as much as possible, but gas is not something that you can predict, and it can vary from state to state and even city to city. Mileage can be estimated, but there may be detours along the way that require an updated mileage. Always budget more than what is estimated.

Professional Packing

If you choose to hire professional packers, this can be an additional expense to your cross-country move. Depending on your move size, you may require two to three packers. Each of these packers will cost you between $20 and $40. Larger moves should budget for at least three movers.

Moving Supplies

You cannot move without moving supplies. These are especially important for long-distance moves. The most common moving supplies you will need are:

  • Boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Tape
  • Dolly
  • Moving blankets
  • Tools

Travel Expenses

Now that you have figured out how your stuff will get to your new home in St. Augustine, you need to consider how you will get there. If you are flying, you will need to budget at least $200 per family member for a plane ticket. If you are driving, you will need to consider gas, lodging, and food.

Vehicle Transport

If you are not driving, you will need to determine how to transport your vehicle. You should budget anywhere between $750 and $1200 to transport your vehicle. Your moving company may also offer vehicle moving services to ask them first before hiring a separate company.

Why are people moving from Boston to Florida?

Boston is a lovely city where Fenway Park and the Cheers bar is. This has not been enough to keep people from moving out and south to Florida. The Sunshine State is known for its beaches, weather, and theme parks, drawing in millions of tourists annually. The culture is also welcoming to everyone from every walk of life, and you will not find it hard to fit in.

The Weather

One of the most attractive things about moving to Florida from Boston is the weather. There is never snowfall in Florida while there is in Boston. Having the sun at your back is a selling point for just about anyone. There are many more sunny days in Miami than in Boston.

The Culture

The culture in Miami is completely different than in Boston. Florida is a melting pot of different cultures and people from all around the world converging in one place. You will get all the flavors of the world when you move there.

Endless Entertainment Options

There is no shortage of entertainment in Florida. Central Florida features theme parks that can keep you entertained for years to come. There are also national parks, botanical gardens, beaches, and even day cruises. There is no shortage of fun for all age groups.

A Hopping Nightlife

The nightlife is never-ending all across Florida. Bars and clubs are open until the sun comes up, meaning you will never get bored. The most popular areas for nightlife are downtown Fort Lauderdale, Wynwood, South Beach, Downtown Miami, and New Tampa.

A More Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Boston is 8% more than in Miami, Florida. The Sunshine State is known for its high cost of living, but being lower than Boston can make a huge difference in the way you and your family live.

A Well-Known Job Market

Florida has a few large companies that have become household names. This means there is a job for anyone willing and qualified. The biggest employers in Florida are:

  • Publix Supermarkets
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Orlando health
  • Chewy
  • Seaworld
  • Spirit Airline

What are some of the best places to move to in Florida?

There are several popular destinations throughout Florida that welcome new residents each year. Each of these locations has its own attractions and cultural components.


Miami is known for being a melting pot of various backgrounds. It has some of the best food, bars, and clubs in the state. It also has a plethora of beaches, and it can take years before you visit them all.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Orlando is the theme parks. Orlando also has various outlet malls and experiences that you can check out. The wax museum is unique to the area and is a trendy spot to visit.


The most populated city in Florida is Jacksonville, and with this many people, you are sure to stay busy and make new friends. There are different festivals and events held throughout the year that residents can take advantage of.


Tampa is not found too far from Orlando, and it also has a variety of theme parks for residents and tourists to visit. The city is also known for its museums and historic locations. Ybor City is a must-visit for dining, nightlife, and history.

Begin Planning Your Move From Boston to Florida Today

Moving a long distance is an arduous task and can be nearly impossible without the help of a professional mover. You will be experiencing a whole new world when you move from Boston to Florida, and your movers should be able to alleviate some of the stress. You will need to find an affordable rate for your interstate move. Get free quotes to begin planning your move.

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