Moving from Michigan to Tennessee: Movers and Cost

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Quick Answer: The average cost to move from Michigan to Tennessee will be from $1,900-$3,800 depending on the size, route, distance, and timing of the move. Hiring a professional moving company will be more expensive. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.Of course, there’s a lot more to that answer.We’ll get into all of the factors that you should pay attention to if you’re looking to save money on your next move to Tennessee.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Michigan to Tennessee?

  Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental*
Studio/1 bedroom $1,500-$1,850 $1,510-$2,039 $998-$1,418 $887-$1,197
2-3 bedroom $2,230-$3,800 $2,258-$2,048 1,188-$1,688 $1 045-$1,411
4+ bedroom $2,990-$5,750 $2,805-$3,787 $1,330-$1,890 $1,235-$1,667

For the most accurate pricing, use our moving cost calculator

*Estimate includes fuel cost, but no other costs associated such as lodging, tolls, or parking.

What are the best Michigan to Tennessee movers?

Company Price Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
American Van Lines $$ Phone/virtual estimate Yes 1 bedroom
Phoenix Van Lines $$ Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$$ Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom

Why Do the Prices Vary So Much?

The popularity of a destination city, the timing of your move and the method of moving all impact cost. Professional movers handle all your worry, but that hands-free service comes at a cost.

Truck rentals are the cheapest option, but you are responsible for the entire interstate move, which can be stressful.

You can find median price options such as freight companies or moving container companies. They move your stuff. You just have to pack and unpack.

Inbound vs. Outbound Demand

Almost 55 percent of moves in Michigan were outbound. This percentage exceeds the national average. Tennessee, on the other hand, is a popular inbound state. A 58.1 percent migration rate to the state may add to the cost of your move due to its popularity. Be sure to get three moving quotes of you are using a professional moving service.

Offseason vs Peak Moving Season

Another factor that can affect the cost is when you move. Summer and late spring are peak moving periods when industry costs go up for all types of moves. Try to coordinate your move during offseason periods to keep costs low. Fall and winter moves will save you.

To get an idea of how much moving costs peak in the summer, see the same moving estimates during offseason and peak season dates.

  • A five-bedroom house with professional movers on November 1st: $2,990-$5,750
  • A five-bedroom house with professional movers on July 1st: $4,735-$9,435

Use the moving cost calculator to get a more customized estimate based on your moving dates, the size of your move and the method of moving.

Why Are People Moving from Michigan to Tennessee?

For years Michigan has struggled economically, especially in urban centers like Detroit. With manufacturing shutting down and layoffs increasing, a heavy migration to other states is inevitable.

Tennessee continues to attract migrants from all over the country. A reasonably low cost of living, affordable housing, and new job growth has made Tennessee a popular destination state. Much of manufacturing is growing in Tennessee.

Manufacturing comprises 8.8% of the state’s economy and the earnings from jobs in industry exceed $20.7 million. Manufacturing is also a wide-ranging category, making the state ideal for both high-paying professionals and blue-collar occupations like assembly line workers.

Best Places to Move in Tennessee


Memphis is the second most populous metro area in the state. Imagine spending less than 24.27% percent on housing. That is a reality for residents of Memphis.

A small-town atmosphere mixes with urban sophistication. Memphis is an attractive destination for starter families and young professionals with lots of job opportunities. Its role as a distribution point for commerce keeps the economy humming.


Chattanooga wasn’t always the greatest go-to moving destination. The city made significant upgrades that transformed Chattanooga into a highly attractive location for out of state migrants. They revitalized the riverfront and renovated their Main Street district. Now, Chattanooga is the hub of major events such as the River Rocks festival and the Ironman Triathlon.

Chattanooga has become the center for startup companies, which has also fueled its population growth. But the city keeps much of its small-town appeal with farmer’s markets and a thriving small business network.

See our relocation guide to Chattanooga for more tips and information.


Knoxville ranks No. 46 out of the 125 most populous metro areas in the US, with a cost of living that’s slightly higher than in Chattanooga. A more robust job market gives it an edge over other small Tennessee cities. Other advantages include short commutes and a low unemployment rate. The affordability factor is the greatest draw, especially for those moving from high-cost cities like California and New York.

For recreation, Knoxville offers a downtown that is rich with specialty shops. Nature is not far away with a 90-minute drive taking you to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Tourism and country music are the main attractions in Nashville, Tennessee. But there are more practical reasons people are migrating to this city. Affordable housing and overall desirability ratings make this city a destination for migrants from around the country.

A strong job market and a creative spirit make Nashville appealing to a wide variety of people. The drive to excel and create is the basis of culture in Nashville, fueling tech startups, rock bands and small businesses selling in street markets.

For more tips and information on moving to Nashville, see our relocation guide to Nashville.


For those looking to live outside the excitement of urban centers, Tennessee has many attractive low-cost suburban locations of merit.

Many residents have found Nolensville a quiet suburb with reasonable housing prices. Lots of local small businesses add to the small-town appeal. This slightly more rural suburb lives just outside of Nashville, so big city life is just a short drive away.


For the lowest cost of living, small cities like Murfreesboro easily blends affordability with the good life. With a 3 percent cost of living below the national average, this town on the outskirts of Nashville offers lots of fine eateries, plenty of job opportunities and even some important historical landmarks for the Civil War buff.


Some of the lowest taxes in the state can be found in Smyrna, Tennessee. The small-town life is genuine, and the cost of a new home is also one of the lowest in the state. Many retirees from around the country have quietly discovered Smyrna as a retirement mecca with good quality of life and affordability on a fixed budget.


If you can only afford a house that’s $173,265, then you might want to make Clarksville your moving destination. The low home costs in this college town and the average young age of most of its residents are attracting professionals from all over the country. A great place to start a new career or to buy your first home.

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