Moving from New Jersey to Florida: Movers and Cost

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Quick Answer: The average cost to move from New Jersey to Florida is $2,700 to $7,100 depending on the size, route, and timing of the move. Hiring a professional moving company will be on the more expensive side. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.

So many people are making the move from Jersey to The Sunshine State. Whether you’re escaping for the weather or lower income tax benefits, in this article we’ll lay out everything you need to know to make the move.

First, here are some additional resources to help with your move:

  • How much will your move cost?: This cost calculator will provide an immediate calculation of what your move should cost. Just plug in your moving dates, the size of your move, where you’re moving to/from, and let the calculator do the rest.
  • The best Miami neighborhoods: If you love the vibrant vibes on the Jersey Shore, consider calling Miami home. This list breaks down the best neighborhoods in Miami to live in.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from New Jersey to Florida?

  Professional Moving Company Moving Container Company Freight Trailer Company Truck Rental Company*
Studio/One Bedroom $1,720-$2,988 $1,726-$2,330 $1,425-2,025 $898-$1,212
2-3 Bedrooms $2,650-$4,100 $2,588-$3,494 $1,853-$2,633 $1,055-$1,424
4+ Bedrooms $3,100-$7,150 $3,236-$4,369+ $1,995-$2,835+ $1,263-$1,705

*Estimate includes fuel cost but no other costs associated such as lodging, tolls, or parking.

For the most accurate estimates, use the moving cost calculator to determine costs from specific locations in New Jersey to your destination in Florida.

Why Do the Prices Vary So Much?

The less you are involved in your move, the more you will pay.

New Jersey movers cover all the bases from loading and unloading to driving the truck from NJ to FL. You can also pay extra for help with assembling furniture. Of course, you pay more for these services.

Moving container and freight companies leave the loading and unloading up to you. They do the driving though and you will play less for this moving approach.

Truck rentals require your full attention. You must load and unload the truck and make that interstate drive from New Jersey to Florida. If you need to save and don’t mind the work, a DIY rental is your most budget-minded option.

Inbound vs. Outbound State Demands Impacts Price

Where you are moving can also help you save on your moving budget. As more people leave New Jersey for Florida, moving companies can piggyback customer cargo. You can make a better deal when those strong migration numbers help movers work more efficiently.

In 2018 alone, over 13,00 people left New Jersey for Florida. Those numbers continue to mount as more people seek out warmer weather locales.

Offseason vs Peak Moving Season Impacts Price

Timing is a critical factor for moving, probably more than all others. A moving season move during the spring and summer will cost you a lot more.

Try to plan your move during the offseason. The fall and winter months give you more leverage when negotiating with a NJ to Florida moving company, as the entire industry is slow during this period. Be sure to get three quotes before you sign any contract.

Why Are People Moving from New Jersey to Florida?

Florida’s weather is by far the biggest attraction for New Jersey residents. Many retirees are looking to escape the cold winters of the east coast. Also, Florida boasts a much lower cost of living than New Jersey and no state tax.

For many in certain industries such as hospitality or construction, Florida is a better choice.

Seven Best Places to Move in Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida Perks

  • Affordable cost of living. Your dollar goes farther in Port St. Lucie.
  • Relaxed atmosphere. Retirees love the peaceful culture in Port St. Lucie.
  • No crowded beaches. While tourists flock to popular beaches, Port St. Lucie residents enjoy free admission and free parking beaches mostly for themselves.
  • Median home price – $209,000 is fairly low for a home and offers a comfortable living in paradise.

Jacksonville, Florida Perks

  • Affordability. Jacksonville is one of the most affordable places to live, boasting reasonable housing prices and a low cost of living overall.
  • Education focused. Find some of the best college and universities in Jacksonville including Florida State College at Jacksonville and the University of North Florida.
  • Large employers call Jacksonville home. The Naval Air Station is one of the largest employers, but health and banking are also big industries—Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Citi Bank and Baptist Health are all located in the area.
  • A center for the musical arts. Jacksonville has become home to blues, jazz and other music styles in concerts and music festivals.
  • Natural splendor. Residents enjoy the ideal climate with perks like waterways and outdoor activities that are available all year round.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Perks

  • A thriving urban center. Find nightlife, shopping, and restaurants in this vibrant city.
  • Major areas of economic growth. Healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, education, and retail dominate the employment market. Major employers include American Express, Microsoft, Spirit Airlines and Marriott International.
  • A safe community. Families come to Fort Lauderdale for its safety record. It is a great place to raise a family with peace of mind.
  • Wildlife and nature parks. If you love the outdoors, Fort Lauderdale offers hiking trails and bike paths to stay busy outside. Did we mention the white sand beaches?

Miami, Florida Perks

  • A culture rich city. This hotbed of diversity and culture makes Miami exciting for both tourists and residents.
  • Beach city lifestyle. The beach is always accessible, adding a relaxing element to everyday life in Miami.
  • Lots of nature nearby. The Everglades and Biscayne National Park are not far letting you explore nature without straying too far from the city.
  • A foodie paradise. Find Cuban influenced cuisine and lots more as the cultural blend creates a bounty of flavor inspirations.

Moving to Miami Guide

Daytona Beach, Florida Perks

  • Major hospitality town. The primary industry in Daytona Beach is hospitality for those looking in this job sector. Healthcare and construction are also booming businesses.
  • High quality of file. There is lots to do in Daytona Beach from antique markets to museums. It’s a family friendly center and a great place for young professionals to settle down.
  • Low cost of living. Like much of Florida, Daytona Beach keeps cost of living low for residents. As a smaller city, Daytona Beach is competitive with more major urban areas for those living on a budget.
  • Friendly neighborhoods. Residents boasts about the people of Daytona Beach. Friendliness is part of the local culture for residents and tourists alike.

Orlando, Florida Perks

  • Low cost of living. The cost of living in Orlando is about 3% lower than the average
  • Disney is waiting. Disney fans don’t have to go on vacation. As a resident, the theme park is always right there.
  • Other major employers call Orlando home. Darden Restaurants, AAA, Tupperware Brands and Wyndham Destinations all help fuel the local economy,
  • Rich natural settings. Natural settings are a key benefit of Florida anywhere. In Orlando there is lots to explore.

Tampa, Florida Perks

  • Home to seven Fortune 500 companies. Tampa’s roster of economic giants include Publix Super Markets, WellCare Health Plans and Raymond James Financial.
  • A mix of beach life and urban life. Tampa residents love the blend of beachside resort and lively city life.
  • World class golfing. Some of the best golf courses in Florida.
  • A college city. As home to the University of Florida, you will find young faces in the neighborhood, which keeps the community fresh.
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