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Planning a trip from Oregon to New York City?That’s practically the definition of a cross country move.First, our guide to moving out of state will really help you but also, you’ll want to know how much this long-distance move will cost.

Quick Answer: The average cost to move from Oregon to New York is $4,500-$7,000 depending on the size, route, and timing of the move. Hiring a professional moving company will be on the more expensive side. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.

Ready to get a full grasp on the factors that affect the cost of your long-distance move?

First, take a look at these helpful links:

  • How much will your move cost?: This cost calculator will provide an immediate calculation of what your move should cost. Just plug in your moving dates, the size of your move, where you’re moving to/from and let the calculator do the rest.
  • Best New York City Neighborhoods: Thinking about moving to NYC, but not sure which area to live in? This guide covers all the different neighborhoods so you can pick the best one.
  • Our Guide to New York City: Want to chase your dreams in the Big Apple? Check out this guide to cost of living, transportation, and things to do.

Let’s dive right in.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Oregon to New York?

Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental*
Studio/1 bedroom $2000-$3,980 $2,717-$3,432 $2,138-$2,700 $2,099-$2,651
2-3 bedroom $4,320-$6,895 $4,247-$5,364 $2,185-$2,760 $3,230-$4,080
4+ bedroom $7,290-$12,550 $5,470-$6,910 $4,560-$5,760 $3,069-$3,876

*Rental truck estimates include fuel only. When budgeting for truck rentals also include parking, food, and lodging for the cross-country trip.

Calculate Your Moving Costs

Use the moving cost calculator to generate a customized estimate based on your moving dates, the type of move,
and the size of your move.

Why do Prices Differ So Widely?

Professional movers cost more but do all the work for you. DIY truck rentals are a lot cheaper because you do all the loading and unloading yourself. Don’t forget the actual drive you have to make yourself from Oregon to New York.

Other options include moving container and freight companies. While you are responsible for loading and unloading, they make the interstate drive from Oregon to New York for you.

Inbound vs. Outbound Moving Demand Affects Price

Where you move may affect your moving price. Some states are experiencing a trend in outbound moving or inbound moving. Oregon remains steady with inbound growth. While New York City continues to see heavy outbound numbers, New York State still remains steady like Oregon.

How can inbound and outbound stats affect what you pay for a move? Moving companies, container companies and freight companies prefer to move customers in bulk. If you can find a company with other customers moving from Oregon to New York, you may get a reduction because of the shared move.

Moving Season Makes a Difference

Along with how you move, when you move impacts your moving budget bottom line. Summer is moving season, which means a spike in moving costs. If you can plan your move during offseason (fall, winter, early spring) you can save a lot of money.

For example, compare the cost of a 3-bedroom house with professional movers in February with the same move in July.

  • February: $4,320-$6,895
  • July: $6,214-$9,390

Why Are People Moving from Oregon to New York?

While Oregon’s inbound moving numbers are pretty strong, there is still a lot of people leaving the state. The rainy climate is hard to take for many who haven’t grown up in the region. While Oregon used to a great place to find an affordable place to live, that’s no more due to companies like Microsoft and Starbucks driving up housing costs.
New York continues to be a hub for employment. Major industries of all types make the economy of the state strong for new arrivals. Many people moving to New York are going for better employment.

Best Places to Move in New York

New York City

When we think of New York we can’t help think of the urban mecca. Most people looking for great jobs flock to the city and its outlying suburbs. New York City is pricey, but the surrounding metro area is affordable. Just know you may have to make a bit of a commute to get to work.

New York City is central for culture, diversity, and entertainment, which draws new college grads and young professionals to downtown.

Buffalo, New York

If the bustle of the city isn’t of interest, you can try many Upstate New York towns. Buffalo has a small-town feel surrounded by lots of natural settings. Buffalo is a booming tech and education town. And the city has gone upscale to attract new residents. Find trendy restaurants and outdoor yoga just to name a few activities.

Just know that Buffalo buffers with Canada so be prepared for cold weather. It’s also the home of spicy buffalo wings, perhaps because they needed a bit of heat in the winter months. Average home price: $140,000

Rochester New York

The attraction of Rochester is mainly for families. Affordable housing and employment opportunities make this town a good place to settle down. You will find commuting around Rochester easy, and it boasts a tight-knit community spirit. Average home price: $125,000

Syracuse, New York

Like Buffalo, Syracuse has a quaint walkable downtown that makes you feel like you have strolled back in time. The only difference is that the shops aren’t old-timey. You will find upscale bars, restaurants, and shopping that fit the modern taste and lifestyle.

For the true suburban, there is also a megamall, the sixth-largest in the US. And if you want to visit the city it’s only a four-hour drive. Perfect for weekend jaunts to take in a Broadway show.

Much like Buffalo, you will experience heavy snow in the winter. But the fall and summer with leave shows in autumn and mild temperatures through June and July make up for the winter season.

Don’t forget Syracuse University. This is definitely a college town for those in the education field. Average home price: $115,000

Albany, New York

A little closer to New York City (only a two and half-hour drive) Albany is rich with New York history which resonates in its architecture. There is plenty to do including historic tours, farmers’ markets, and adult education opportunities at the University of Albany.

Along with education, high tech is also a growing industry for new residents. Average home price: $196,000

Ithaca, New York

People come to Ithaca for its gorgeous scenery. Here you will find waterfalls and gorges and miles of lakefront. There are over 25,000 acres of public parks for residents to enjoy.

The housing market is a little high. Established professionals may find this location more suitable than those just starting out in their careers. The job market continues to grow here, which is fueling the housing market spike.
A mix of modern development and natural settings make Ithaca the place to go for families. Average home price: $242,000

Saratoga Springs, New York

Just two hours from New York City, Saratoga Springs offers much for the beauty of Upstate New York but more closely situated to downtown New York City.

Saratoga Springs provides upscale housing and high quality of life. If you can afford it, Saratoga Springs is a perfect community for starting a family. Low crime rates, a strolling downtown area, and a celebrated high marks school system make this one of the best places to move in New York.

Don’t forget the winter fun. Saratoga Springs still gets tons of snowfall like Buffalo, but they celebrate it with winter sports that brings tourists from all around the state. Average home price: $450,000

Hudson, New York

Know that you don’t have to move to New York City to see the sea. Hudson Valley is the perfect port city town away from New York City. A historic downtown includes artist’s studios and restaurants. Just two and a half hours by car to the city, you can still feel connected to Manhattan. This small-sized city offers all the benefits of a quaint New York bedroom community. Housing is affordable and you are never far from the culture of the big city.

Some residents might even say you never have to leave Hudson for NYC, as they are bursting with cultural events from art exhibitions to wine tastings all year round. Average home price: $183,400

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