Moving from Virginia to Arizona: Movers and Cost

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Arizona is hot!Of course, we mean temperature, but also so many people are moving there!

Making the cross-country move from Virginia to Arizona?

You’ll want to know how much it costs.

Quick Answer: The average cost to move from Virginia to Arizona is $3,200-$5,450 depending on the size, route, and timing of the move. Hiring a professional moving company will be on the more expensive side. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.

Ready to get a full grasp on the factors that affect the cost of your move? Use these helpful resources:

How much will your move cost?: This cost calculator will provide an immediate calculation of what your move should cost. Just plug in your moving dates, the size of your move, where you’re moving to/from and let the calculator do the rest.

Let’s dive right in.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Virginia to Arizona?

  Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental*
Studio/1 bedroom $1,845-$2,700 $1,165-$2,735 $1,853-$2,340 $1,539-$1,944
2-3 bedroom $3,545-$5,480 $3,411-$4,308 $2,945-$3,720 $1,807-$2,282
4+ bedroom $4,780-$8,930 $4,387-$5,542 $3,895-$4,920 $2,203-$2,783

*Estimates for truck rentals include fuel costs only. Other costs may include lodging, tolls, or parking.

Why Do the Prices Vary So Much?

The range of prices depends on how much of the move you complete yourself and how much is passed onto professional movers.

For example, moving containers and freight companies only move your stuff, you must complete the packing and unpacking.

If you rent a moving truck you are responsible for every step of the process, which can be both physically and mentally stressful. Professional movers on the other hand do all the heavy lifting, door to door, which costs more.

Inbound vs. Outbound State Demands Impacts Price

If more people are moving to your inbound state from your outbound state, you may save on costs. Moving companies, moving container companies and freight companies can offer reduced rates for shared moves with other customers.

Virginia continues to lose residents year after year. The 51.6% outbound reflects a growing retirement population looking for more affordable places to retire.

Arizona continues to be a top moving destination for a diverse range of migrants. Last year, 63.2% of all Arizona moves were inbound.

Offseason vs Peak Moving Season Impacts Price

When you move also affects your cost. If you move during peak moving season you will pay more. Offseason moves will save you a lot if you can choose your moving dates. Compare the costs of a moving season move (late spring and summer) to an offseason move in March.

  • March 1: A four+-bedroom house with professional movers: $4,780-$8,930
  • July 1: A four+ bedroom house with professional movers: $8,923-$12,200

Use the moving cost calculator to get an estimate based on your moving dates and the size of your move.

Why Are People Moving from Virginia to Arizona?

Along with retirees looking for a warmer climate, there is also a flood of young professionals looking for other career opportunities outside of Virginia.

Arizona offers an affordable cost of living, growing job opportunities, and a year-round sunny climate. Recent college grads will find good paying jobs and generous low-cost housing in Arizona.

Retirees are eyeing the state for affordable living in a sunny state. While the stigma of a “retirement state” drives some young professionals away, others who are smart enough to look at the cost of living numbers are getting ready to move.

Best Places to Move in Arizona


The diverse big city of Phoenix is growing. A strong economy makes this city of 1.5 million an attractive place to move, especially for younger people looking to launch their career right out of college. The median home values average about $215,800. Not bad for a major urban center.

Add to a thriving job market, 300 sunny days a year. For those moving from Virginia, it’s a no-brainer. Great Mexican food, great sports teams, and tons of outdoor activities from hiking to fishing add cultural layers to this city.

You’ll also love the commute. Not many big cities in America can boast roadways that are free of construction and easy to navigate.


For those who want to live outside the big city, Peoria is the perfect option. Easy access to Phoenix is ideal for work while enjoying all the benefits of a clean, well-manicured suburb. Well-managed subdivisions make up most of this quiet town.

Peoria boasts a high performing school system and everything you need in a community to raise a family.
Retail, restaurants, and activities for every age abound in Peoria. And housing costs are about average for the state.

For sports fans, Peoria home to spring training for the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres.


Chandler is known for its mix of cosmopolitan vibe with family-friendly suburb. High ranking schools exist side by side with jazz festivals, and pub crawls. The tremendous appeal to families is also affordable housing.

Love road trips? You can easily take a three to four-hour drive to majestic settings like the Grand Canyon or the Petrified Forest from Chandler.


Scottsdale’s appeal comes from a blend of old Wild West Arizona history and a contemporary downtown and shopping district. While more upscale, Scottsdale is home to some of the most intriguing historic locations in Arizona.

It’s Old Town is like a step back in time to the age of cowboys.

If all you care about is the shopping, then Scottsdale has that too. Some of the best retail centers in Arizona are found in this posh city. For families who can afford the slightly higher housing costs, there are high-ranking schools and a low crime rate.

Also, some of the best golf courses are a draw to both new residents and visitors.


While not everyone cares to live in a shopping mall in the desert, there are more natural and more peaceful settings for inbound migrants. Strawberry is only two hours away from Phoenix and offers all the natural beauty that Arizona has to offer and none of the urban bustle.

If you prefer hiking overnights out on the town, then Strawberry is a great place to settle down. Housing costs are low, and the small town is peaceful.


New grads and college students will love the city of Tempe. The growth spurt is drawing young professionals from around the country. A quick commute of 20 minutes or less from suburb to city along with lots of attractions is drawing Tempe’s growth.

Tempe is also home to Arizona State University, so be prepared for a younger crowd around town.


If you’re looking for the perfect mix of city life and suburban life, then Mesa might be your destination. Not as busy as Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs, Mesa offers a small city feel.

You can still find thriving nightlife and diversity. Check out the Oakland A and Chicago Cubs spring training stadiums here for sports fans.

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