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We at GoodMigrations are on a mission… a mission to help fellow expats navigate the logistical pain in the butt of moving overseas. Based on our own frustrations, we started GoodMigrations to make it easy to find a good international mover to get your belongings to your destination on time, on budget, and in good condition.

But how do you solve all the other challenges that come up before and after moving? You will have so many questions about neighborhoods, schools, healthcare, and mobile phones, just to name a few things. However, even we have limitations since we don’t have the inside scoop for every city around the world . Starting now we plan to change all that with our Expert Expat Program!

Our Expert Expat Program is designed to help fellow expats get ready for the big move and acclimate to their new surroundings by connecting to actual local expats. These expats have been where you are, done what you’ve done, and have come out on top!

GoodMigrations Expert Expat Program

Are you getting ready to move overseas? Have you just landed in a new country?
Go here to see if we have an expert expat in your area. You will be able to connect with a real local and get help answering those tough questions that only a local would know.

Have you been living overseas for some time now? Would you be a great source of information for other expats moving to your city? You could be an ambassador to the world! Click here for more information

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