6 Steps to Hiring an International Mover

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

Hiring an International Remover the Right Way

Welcome to the world of international moving  Hiring an International Mover
Taking the leap into expat life is an exciting time. Whether you’re moving abroad for work, education, retirement, or just in need of a change of lifestyle, it’s an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Until teleporting is invented and visas are no longer required, there are quite a few logistical challenges to moving to a new country. One of the biggest is moving your stuff – you know…furniture, dishware, clothing, books…all the things that make a home a home.

Moving all your belongings overseas can be expensive, so before you go down the path of hiring a mover you should decide whether you need to take it all. For some countries, it might be cheaper to sell most of your things and just buy everything new in your destination. On the other hand, if you’re moving to a more expensive country, then shipping everything might be a less expensive option.

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Expat in San Francisco- Bright Lights of America

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

Katherine Fenech, of Bright Lights of America, is an Australian living the expat life in San Francisco. Her new life in San Francisco is a far cry from the life she had in Sydney. However, two cities could not have more similarities. Both are cities surrounded by water, both have an incredibly high cost of living where rent is a huge expense and both offer great food options. San Francisco gets a bad weather rap but let’s hear more from Katherine.

What initiated your move abroad?
I’ve always been a traveler – whether it be visiting my family in Malta, spending a sneaky weekend in Melbourne, or traipsing around Europe. My first expat experience was in London, which I adored, so when a job came up in San Francisco I knew that the idea of moving across the world shouldn’t hold me back. I jumped at the chance because I hadn’t had the chance to properly explore the US yet and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get started!
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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Abroad

Sharon  @GoodMigrations


Whether you are just thinking about moving abroad or are ready to start a life overseas, you have come to the right place.
Download a PDF version of this ultimate moving guide
Before you can learn a new language, walk through the markets of your new home, or learn the intricacies of the country’s business culture, there’s a lot of important stuff to do. As former expats, we can say this from experience.

The GoodMigrations Ultimate Moving Guide is, well, the ultimate guide to moving to another country.

You’ll learn about all the things you need to do to have a successful move overseas, from getting a job, to finding a home, to moving your stuff.

Now let’s get started!

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Moving abroad

Why you can’t trust Yelp to find an international mover

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

If you’re like me, then when you need some sort of service you haven’t used before you go online and look for reviews.
Many people turn to Yelp for help, which is perhaps the biggest review site in the world: it’s in 31 countries; it’s got nearly 150 million monthly unique users; and it’s got nearly 130 million reviews.

But a 2015 Harvard Business School study found that 16% of reviews on Yelp are fake. That’s about 1 in 6 reviews. However, this 16% just covers the reviews that are caught by Yelp’s algorithms and filtered out, so you don’t see them.

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Nanny Costs For 12 Cities Around the World

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

Raising a family can be hard enough in your home country with family and friends nearby. Want to make it even more complicated? Try it as an expat in some foreign country without those helping hands.

One way to make your life much easier is hiring a nanny or au pair.  Unfortunately for many of us, this is prohibitively expensive. In Los Angeles, a full time nanny would cost upwards of $30,000 a year.

We wondered, what are childcare costs and where could we afford a full time nanny? To see what kinds of places it would be possible, we’ve pulled together a list of 12 cities around the world and a range of typical weekly costs for a full-time, live out nanny. A few of these cities offer extremely affordable childcare and may just motivate you to take the plunge to move overseas…or at least do some fun daydreaming.

So join us on a trip through the tropics, global cities, and the great white north as we explore what a full-time nanny costs around the world.

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Child care

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