13 of the Scariest Places in the World

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

Not all places are fun and beautiful to visit. There are many places and cities around the world with a dark and disturbing history.

And being that it is nearly Halloween, let’s take a trip and visit our 13 scariest places around the world.
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Getting Your Stuff Overseas (Pods, Containers & more)

Sharon  @GoodMigrations

There is lots to consider and plan when moving overseas. Whether moving for work, lifestyle change or education, we usually all have items we want to take with us. If you plan on taking more than “excess baggage,” you will need to consider how your stuff will get shipped to your destination.

Which shipping method your moving company chooses to use greatly impacts shipping rates and thus, your bottom line. For this reason, it’s important to understand what it is they are proposing and what your other options are, if there are any.

The first thing to note is how much you decide to ship greatly effects your shipping options. To keep costs down, it’s important to declutter and purge prior to requesting quotes and getting an in-home survey. This step is usually overlooked until after a quote is received and costs are over budget. So be proactive!
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Moving abroad Shipping

15 GIFs to Perfectly Describe All the Emotions of Moving Abroad

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

Moving to a new country is a quick way to experience the full range of human emotion: Excitement, anxiety, sadness…. For those who are on the path to becoming an expat, here’s a fun post on what you can expect to go through. And for all the veteran expats, just think back to when you went through this experience and how good it feels to look back and laugh.

1. You’re moving to a new country?! Super exciting!!

2. You start to panic: Do I have the money for this? You check your bank account repeatedly.

3. The panic continues. OMG there are so many details to take care of! #Overwhelming.
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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

The ultimate checklist for moving abroad

Moving is always a stressful event, even if you’re just moving down the street. But moving to a new country is much more complex, so if just thinking about moving abroad gets you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Our Ultimate Checklist for Moving Abroad will have you moving like a pro.

Download the ultimate checklist for moving abroad

We cover every step you’ll need to follow to have a successful move to your new home and getting up and running once you arrive, from how to get health insurance abroad, to finding and booking a moving company, to finding accommodations in your new country.

We recommend reading through this entire checklist a few times so you know what’s coming and can prepare accordingly. You can also download and print this guide out for free! Read more…

How Does an In-home Survey Work? Get the Low-down

Adam Vagley @goodmigrations

You may see the term “in-home survey” when reading about the international moving process, or moving companies may mention it when you speak to them. You may also hear it referred to as a “home survey,” a “pre-move survey,” or “in-home estimate.” We’ll discuss exactly what this means, what you can expect, and things you should look out for during the survey.

What is an in-home survey?

To provide an accurate estimate for your international move, the moving company needs to know what you’re shipping. So all the furniture, dishware, pots and pans, books, clothes, toys, stuff in the garage, and all the random things you have that defy categorization need to get tallied up if they’re going with you.

Most people are pretty good at listing all the furniture and other big items they have. But how many boxes will the books and toys fill? What about all the stuff in the garage? This is where people start to wildly miscalculate when they try to fill out one of those “instant quote” forms on websites or tell the moving company how much they’re shipping.

Trying to estimate the size yourself is how you end up with an inaccurate quote and potentially owe a lot more money once the mover actually picks up your stuff. That is not a surprise you want. Read more…

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