GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving

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We sent out our first press release last week to let the world know we’ve gone live!

GoodMigrations launches to improve the world of international moving

May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — How do you find a reputable moving company to ship your stuff from one country to another? That problem faced Adam Vagley when he relocated from New York City to Sydney, Australia, and led him and his co-founders to launch GoodMigrations. The company, whose tagline is “Move abroad with confidence,” provides a free, simple-to-use website for finding international movers, reading customer reviews of those movers, and getting educated on the process of moving household items to a different country.

“The scams that plague domestic moving – damaged property, price gouging, delayed delivery – occur with international moves as well, where the stakes are much higher. Most people have never moved abroad before and, as a result, don’t know from experience where to turn to find a good mover,” said Vagley.

Consumers can search for international movers that serve their location and read customer reviews of how the mover performed. These reviews focus on three metrics: Cost, Time, and Condition. “Ultimately, people care about three things: did the move cost what you said it would, did my stuff arrive when you said it would, and was it damage free.” Vagley explained. For those who have already moved abroad, he added, “Reviewing a mover only takes a minute and is a great way to help future expats make the right decision.”

Additionally, moving to a different country isn’t as simple as moving to a different neighborhood or state; there are many factors to consider that can impact the final cost and level of service. To help consumers learn about this process and what to look out for, GoodMigrations offers a free international moving guide that walks consumers through an international move from beginning to end.

Just as importantly, GoodMigrations is a platform for good movers to show their worth. “There are certainly a few bad apples in the moving industry, but there are also a lot of companies consistently providing great service, and they deserve the social proof that an independent site like GoodMigrations provides,” said Vagley. International movers can create a free profile on the site to manage their company information and business locations.

About GoodMigrations
GoodMigrations LLC is a resource for anyone moving abroad to find international movers, read customer reviews, and get tips on the moving process. So they can move abroad with confidence. For more information please visit
You can follow GoodMigrations on Twitter and become a fan of GoodMigrations on Facebook.

The GoodMigrations name and logo and the Cost/Time/Condition metric are service marks of GoodMigrations LLC.Source: PR Newswire

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