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Amsterdam's coolest 'hood still shows off its industrial roots on the shoreline of the IJ.
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Overhoeks has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Buiksloterham LIKE?

Some say that the rise of Amsterdam's Noord borough began when MTV set up shop in an old office on NDSM werf (werf is 'wharf' in Dutch). If MTV thought it was cool to move there, people assumed it must be where the action will be.

It's unclear If this was in fact the true spark that ignited what is now arguably one of the hippest parts of town, but Noord has never been the same since. Some of the best restaurants, greatest bars, and most loved festivals all call NDSM werf home.

The converted containers behind here, set up to house the overflow of students from local universities, went from "last resort" status to waiting-list-popular. Yet the area has maintained its urban and gritty cool factor; it still feels like a freetown.

Further down along the shore, towards the 24 hour ferry to central Amsterdam, new developments are popping up fast in Overhoeks. It started with the grounds of the former Shell research compound. Large, prestigious apartment buildings with sweeping terraces stand proud along the IJ river. This is also where the new film institute EYE was built. And A’DAM tower, the old Shell tower, once a symbol of unimaginative use of the river's shoreline, now stands as a proud beacon and is one of the top tourist destinations in town.

The rather undefined bit between Overhoeks and NDSM was a warehouse district with a string of small businesses and garages spread out in the area. With the neighboring developments booming, it didn’t take long before people started taking interest in this part, too.

The council appointed certain plots for building, which resulted in a unique mix of architecture. Some of the old warehouses are still there and the outlines of what will no doubt be a very attractive area are already taking shape. Some of the remaining warehouses now house cool bars, vintage shops, or amazing and unexpected restaurants. Learning from previous mistakes, the council will likely try to maintain these to avoid absolute gentrification.

To wrap it up, this entire stretch of IJ river shoreline is an exciting mix of old and new that has everybody looking. Those who don’t mind living on a building site for a while still, but eager to be part of a piece of Amsterdam history, will love it here.

Buiksloterham is bordered on the north by Tuindorp Oostzaan and Buiksloot, on the east by Van der Pekbuurt and Volewijk, and on the south and west by the IJ river.

Buiksloterham Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Buiksloterham LOCAL schools

Basisschool De Poolster
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Satelliet
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
De Zeppelin
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Buiksloterham Local Flavor


Once the main building of the Shell Research center, now a major tourist attraction. This tower houses a rotating restaurant (Moon), a hotel, a music school, meeting venues, and a look-out deck with a swing for dare devils.

NDSM werf

Once the largest ship wharf in Europe and now one of the most prominent hot spots in Amsterdam. Restaurants, flea-markets, creative labs, a hotel in a tall crane, and cool and funky street art; they all fight for the attention of the many visitors arriving here by ferry.

It is likely this revamped ship wharf that first spiked the new interest in Amsterdam Noord. NDSM is also home to some of Amsterdam’s most loved festivals. There is something for everyone here.

EYE Film Institute

When it was completed, people jokingly compared this institute to the famous Sydney Opera House. The building, designed by Austrian firm Delugan Meissl, does resemble the famous Australian landmark a bit. It’s home to a wonderful collection of cinema history.

Four screens, in four large theatres, show a variety of movies and documentaries. The restaurant, with its gorgeous river facing terrace, is worth a trip too. EYE often has programming just for kids. Check out their website!

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