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Geuzenveld-Slotermeer has an above average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Geuzenveld-Slotermeer LIKE?

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Just like neighboring Osdorp, Geuzenveld-Slotermeer suffered from a bad reputation for the past several decades. Albeit slightly better than other parts of Nieuw West, this was not a very desirable area to say the least.

But then the 2009 financial crash struck the housing market. Young families who grew out of their two-bedroom apartments couldn't afford to upgrade and opted to stay put to sit the crisis out. By the time the air cleared, their kids were settled in the local schools and social circles, and that anticipated move out of Amsterdam was no longer an option without uprooting their lives. That’s when people started looking nearer to home for the space they needed.

Just across the A10 ring road, in "scary" Nieuw West, houses were large, roomy, had gardens, and cost the same (or less) than that cramped apartment they outgrew. It took a few pioneers to take the plunge and soon many others soon followed.

This resulted in Slotermeer Noordoost, the area closest to town, being one of the neighborhoods that saw the steepest price increases in real estate in Amsterdam. Homes on some of the most desirable streets never officially hit the market because they're scooped up behind the scenes by friends of neighbors. Residents saw their homes double in value in a matter of years here. (This only applies to family homes; apartments here are not as desirable. But if you’re after stunning views but have a limited budget, make sure to check out the apartments on the north shore of the Sloterplas lake.)

A bit further out, further from town and the ring road, is Geuzenveld. Most of the homes here were built in the same era. Prices are still much, much lower here than in Slotermeer. Those who don’t mind a longer commute to Amsterdam's business areas can snatch up great bargains here.

Housing corporations sell off homes from their stock for prices that don’t even get you a decent apartment in central Amsterdam anymore. Mind you, moving to Geuzenveld-Slotermeer is still considered a pioneering move as Nieuw West is still considered a troubled part of town.

But if you do your homework and spend some time investigating what the nicer parts are, you’ll love what you will get for your money. And if you have children, they'll love the space they have to play. Those without kids will love the sense of community and the many social initiatives like street barbecues.

Geuzenveld-Slotermeer is bordered on the north by Westpoort, on the east by Bos en Lommer, on the south by Osdorp, and on the west by Zwanenburg.

Geuzenveld-Slotermeer Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Geuzenveld-Slotermeer LOCAL schools

Basisschool 't Koggeschip
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
Basisschool Burgemeester De Vlugt
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Goeman Borgesius
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Immanuel
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Pieter Jelles Troelstra
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Geuzenveld-Slotermeer Local Flavor

Van Eesteren Museum

Most of the planning for the area of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer sprung from the mind of Cornelis van Eesteren. This urban architect played a vital role in the development of this, and other 1950-1960s neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Planning actually started in the 1930s, but building didn’t happen for another 20 years because of WWII.

In his work, Van Eesteren took inspiration from contemporary architects like Le Curbusier, and was close friends with Gerrit Rietveld and other notable architects of that time. This museum showcases his work and the history of urban planning of that time. It has several permanent exhibitions and organizes many temporary ones, as well as guided tours and lectures. Well worth a visit!

De Natureluur

A true kids' paradise with an educational touch. This nature playground is located in the park on the shores of Sloterplas lake. The mostly wooden equipment is set up with the water and natural surroundings in mind, so it’s a great spot for a sunny day. Admittance is free, and they host many educational activities that teach kids about nature and the plants and animals living here. 

Het Rijk van de Keizer
Het Rijk van de Keizer JORIS VAN DEN BERGHWEG 101-111, 1067 HP AMSTERDAM MAP

On the far edge of the city borders, maybe even closer to the next town over than to Central Amsterdam, is this restaurant-meets-party-venue-meets-cooking-studio-meets-wedding-location-meets-meeting-space. An old farm, and all the buildings that came with it, were refurbished and styled to host an array of events and entertainment. It's set amidst the fields so feels like a mini holiday. Check their calendar for events and workshops. Also for kids!

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