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Amsterdam's most diverse neighborhood isn't a pretty place, but it does have a certain energy (and affordable housing) that attracts young people in droves.
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Indische Buurt has an average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Indische Buurt LIKE?

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Indische Buurt might be the most culturally diverse neighborhood of Amsterdam. 50% of the people living here are of foreign decent and it’s estimated that more than 100 languages are spoken in the streets.

This diversity is reflected in the shops here, with many exotic and Northern African food markets; there's also an abundance of telecom shops, often found in immigrant areas. But Indische Buurt is also home to many students, singles, and young couples that like the more affordable homes. And some of Amsterdam’s nicest restaurants and bars are to be found here.

But pretty it is not. A few early 20th Century streets aside, most streets are lined with dull 1980s social housing blocks. The older buildings were torn down in an attempt to get rid of the squatters who moved in after the original tenants, mostly made up of dockworkers, moved away when the work dried up.

Javastraat is one of the older streets still intact and now functions as the main high street with plenty of nice restaurants, bars, and shops. The Javaplein square was recently revamped. A new but retro designed apartment building was built on one of its corners, and the old bathhouse was remodeled into a bar-restaurant. Many other restaurants followed suit and opened in the surrounding streets.

Running parallel to Javastraat, Insulindeweg is a broad thoroughfare and functions as the neighborhood's main artery, with cars, bikes, buses and trams making their way to and from other parts of town. The tall and mature trees lining the street almost give it the feel of a metropolitan boulevard. "Almost", as there is very little else that makes this an appealing street.

South of this are the streets that are considered the least appealing and it should be noted that some streets and areas here are considered a bit rough. There aren't serious crimes, but there are a slightly above average petty crime rate and number of car break-ins here.

At the far eastern tip of Indische Buurt, bordering the estuary of the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, the more than pleasant and lush Flevopark is a great spot for a stroll, swim or run.

It’s hard to describe the appeal, but there’s something about Indische Buurt. The cheaper homes maybe? The great offering of bars and restaurants? The park and the easy access to town and transportation links? Whatever the reason, many calling Indische Buurt home love it here. Housing prices are on the rise too, but renters and buyers alike will find the prices lower than other parts of central Amsterdam.

There are not a lot of big homes, though, aside from some newer developments and combined apartments.

Indische Buurt is bordered on the north by the Eastern Docklands, on the east by Nieuwe Diep, on the south by Watergraafsmeer, and on the west by Oost.

Indische Buurt Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Indische Buurt LOCAL schools

A.H. Gerhardschool
Government Rating:
School Phase:Special education
As-Siddieq Oost
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Waaier
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
Basisschool Flevopark
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool Valentijn
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Indische Buurt Local Flavor

‘t Nieuwe Diep
‘t Nieuwe Diep FLEVOPARK 13, 1095 KE AMSTERDAM MAP

On a small and quiet lake, in the very lush Flevopark, sits this old pumping station. It’s now a Jenever distillery, with a variety of Jenevers (Dutch gins) to taste. This spot is a true gem. Even if you end up living in the opposite end of Amsterdam, you should go here. Since it sits between two water bodies, it might not be the best spot for kids if you are anxious. But people do bring their offspring here all the time.  

Wilde Zwijnen

One of Amsterdam’s nicest modestly priced restaurants. It popped up out of nowhere and was an instant hit. Has great locally produced sausages, lovely meats, yummy veggies, and awesome wines. And the décor is industrial yet cozy. On summer nights, the terrace catches amazing light!


Located in Flevopark, this community pool offers outdoor swimming and fun for all ages. There’s a 50-meter lap pool, a shallow pool, and a kiddie pool for the little ones too.

Walter’s Woodbury
Walter’s Woodbury JAVASTRAAT 42, 1094 HJ AMSTERDAM MAP

Walter Woodbury was a pioneer who ended up living on Java, in the Dutch Indies, in 1851. The Walter Woodbury bar was a pioneer, too, opening as one of the first on Javastraat. It’s open for lunch, coffee, drinks, and dinner and, according to their own website, offers a menu as diverse as the Javastraat itself. Great vintage décor!

IJs van Oost

A wonderful ice cream shop with a great selection of tasty flavors. They make the best milkshakes!

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