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The neighborhoods of Amsterdam's rural north offer an idyllic lifestyle.
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Landelijk Noord has a low violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Landelijk Noord LIKE?

Lush and wide fields with healthy looking cows, the smell of manure, and a mere vague hum of the nearby highway: it’s hard to imagine this is part of the Amsterdam municipality. Yet the villages that make up the Landelijk Noord (literally, the "rural north") -- Durgerdam, Ransdorp, Holysloot, and Zunderdorp -- are all incorporated in the borough of Amsterdam Noord.

The villages each have their own distinct character, but all profit from a wonderful combination of quintessential rural life and proximity to the city. However, while Amsterdam's neighborhoods within the A10 circular highway benefit from great public transport links, out here you'll definitely need your own car or a strong pair of legs to cycle everywhere.

Depending on what village you live in, expect a 20+ minute bike ride to the bridge or ferry. From Durgerdam you follow the dyke and from the other villages you follow the narrow lanes cutting through farmland before you reach the ring road. After this, urbanization and all its perks await.

Some of the villages have a restaurant or two and there are a few elementary and grammar schools. But other than that it’s mostly peace and quiet you’ll find.

There are not a lot of houses for sale or rent here usually. The ones that do go on the market are often scooped up pretty fast and go for hefty prices. For this, you don’t always get a lot of space as most of the stock consists of old laborers' cottages or small farms.

But a bit of clever reconfiguration, and the appreciation of being outside more than you would in the city, perhaps, makes the homes suitable for families with kids, too. And your kids will love you for moving here, as their childhood will be storybook perfect.

Landelijk Noord Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Landelijk Noord LOCAL schools

Basisschool De Weidevogel
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Landelijk Noord Local Flavor

Het Schoolhuis

This glorious little school building houses a lovely café and restaurant. It feels like miles from anywhere, and to be fair, it is.  But its fairytale location with the sun setting in the misty fields and the old sea dyke in the distance will be so very much worth it. Great place for kids, too.

Bourgondineren LIERGOUW 78A, 1028 BV AMSTERDAM MAP

The owners of boergondineren offer amazing and fresh food in a converted barn. There is a large brick kiln in the yard where fresh fish, poultry, and meats are cooked to perfection, to be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine and wonderful views of Durgerdam and even Almere in the distance. It’s part of a farm that also houses a daycare center so is a staple for families with kids.


Cheese, glorious cheese. This farm has been making it since 1740 and hopefully will do so for many many years to come. The cheeses are made with milk from cows and goats that roam the adjoining fields and couldn’t be fresher. Some of the country’s best restaurants offer Dikhoeve on their desert menu. You can visit the farm or check their website for stockists.

Theetante Durgerdam

Durgerdam is a ribbon village along the IJsselmeer. The wonderful views of the vast former Zuiderzee and the typical wooden houses make this a great destination for a bike ride or a leisurely drive. One of the wooden homes hosts a small tearoom in a cozy kitchen. The lady of the house bakes cakes and serves them with tea, coffee, or soda drinks. Opening hours are limited to summer months, but in other months the kitchen and large table can be rented as a meeting venue.

Photo Credits: Thanks to @boergondineren@sanneliefrink@loeszie@saskia.norp@vinschutte@aspidae@findfarideh@prettyholland@wpmeijerphotography@callysop@arjandejongeamsterdam@nils_1989@mennopot@mypassionsmylife@komeet56@komeet56@vladipavlov@bourgondisch020@discover_north_amsterdam, and @insta.kroon for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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