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This quiet pair of neighborhoods is starting to attract interest from home hunters.
Studio / 1 BR
67% Complete
2 Bedrooms
70% Complete
3 Bedrooms
83% Complete
4 Bedrooms
100% Complete

Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families


What's around
  • 17 Shops
  • 3 Fitness options
  • 6 Restaurants
  • 3 Grocery stores/markets
  • 4 Banks
  • 2 Nightlife options




Oostzanerwerf & Tuindorp Oostzaan have an average violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Oostzanerwerf & Tuindorp Oostzaan LIKE?

Despite their closeness to the trendy NDSM werf (wharf) and convenient ferry service to Central Station, Oostzanerwerf and the garden village of Tuindorp Oostzaan are relatively unknown. This is very much a residential area of charming dykes dotted with quaint houses as seen elsewhere in Noord.

People living here are a mix of locals, immigrants, and the occasional pioneering buyer from other parts of town. They usually end up buying the charming houses and are met with suspicion from locals who are not so sure they like ‘yuppies’ taking over.

But like anywhere else in Noord, gentrification will find its way here, too. Once the North-South metro line starts running, the city will be within easier reach. And already, people visiting NDSM are checking out what else is around.

Housing-wise you'll find flats and some newer developments with family homes or smaller apartment buildings. A few 1980s apartment blocks within walking distance are rapidly filling up with a hipper and younger crowd. But for now, Oostzanerwerf is a very quiet, green, and diverse neighborhood with seemingly very few own sights and amenities.

Even though the quiet vibe might appeal most to families, they may find the lack of schools a bit of an issue. But there is a decent bus link to neighborhoods with a better offering. And just a short cycle trip away are the ferries to both Central Station and Spaarndammerbuurt.

Oostzanerwerf & Tuindorp Oostzaan Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Oostzanerwerf & Tuindorp Oostzaan LOCAL schools

Basisschool De Krijtmolen
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Poolster
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Satelliet
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
Basisschool Twiske
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
De Zeppelin
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Oostzanerwerf & Tuindorp Oostzaan Local Flavor

Museumwoning Tuindorp Oostzaan
Museumwoning Tuindorp Oostzaan METEORENWEG 174, 1033 HJ AMSTERDAM MAP

One of the homes in Tuindorp Oostzaan that was built in 1922 is still exactly like it was and is now a museum. Those interested in the city's garden villages and interior design of the 1920s will love this museum.

Restaurant Stroop
Restaurant Stroop METEORENWEG 272, 1035 RN AMSTERDAM MAP

Once the club house of a soccer team, this spot is now a small, charming, and family-oriented restaurant and location for parties and gatherings. They have a lovely terrace and are known for their awesome pancakes covered in stroop, the Dutch sweet and thick answer to Maple syrup. Great place for kids!

Pierenbad Tuindorp

In the middle of Tuindorp Oostzaan is a large square and park with an open kiddies pool. In summer, families and mums take their kids here for free! It's worth a trip even if you don’t live here since the kids all have tremendous fun!

Het Zonnehuis

This monumental building was constructed as a center for the local community. And it still pretty much serves that purpose, but now aims to attract a crowd from other parts of town, too. They offer a modest scheduling of cultural events but also still host meetings and gatherings for locals. 

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