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Tuindorp Buiksloot and Buikslotermeer have an above average violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Amsterdam.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN Tuindorp Buiksloot & Buikslotermeer LIKE?

The entire borough of Amsterdam Noord is made up of smaller, incorporated villages, often along the old sea dyke, with newer additions linking them together. Often the newer parts bear the name of the closest village, as is the case with the village Buiksloot, the 1930s garden village Tuindorp Buiksloot, and the 1960s development Buikslotermeer.

As similar as their names may be, their vibes are not.

The old village, along the Buiksloterdijk, is very picturesque, and can hold its own with more favorable dykes like Nieuwendammerdijk or Schellingwouderdijk. It's conveniently located very near the ferry landing. 

But Tuindorp Buiksloot, the garden village east of the dyke, is not as pretty as some of the others in Noord. And somehow most of the homes here are still social housing. Maybe it's because the new North-South metro line will be nearby and the building associations want to see if this increases the property value before they sell.

Further north, in Buikslotermeer, are grey and gritty blocks of 1960s flats, the anything-but-attractive shopping center, and the 1970s homes behind lack the center lacking in flair. This is not the best of Amsterdam Noord.

But as mentioned before, the new metro line will cut right through here, giving it extremely easy access to town. And some parts, especially the ones along neighboring Nieuwendam and the parks, are already quite lovely.

Extensive plans to revamp the urban developments as well as the shopping mall might make this the future vibrant heart of Noord. And those taking the plunge and buying here now might find themselves sitting on gold in a few years time.

For now, your neighbors will be a mix of social renters, immigrants, locals who have lived here forever, and the occasional student in transit between his provincial hometown and the room in town they have yet to find.

Prices vary. The more picturesque homes on the dyke can be pricey, but an apartment next to where the metro station will be located can still be scooped up for very little. You'll also find a mix of rent controlled and privately owned apartments, small 1930s homes, larger 1970s bungalows and villas, and a few, coveted 1990s developments. All at a reasonable price if you hurry.

Tuindorp Buiksloot and Buikslotermeer are bordered on the north by Waterland, on the east by Nieuwendam, on the south by IJplein and Vogelwijk, and on the west by Banne Buiksloot.

Tuindorp Buiksloot & Buikslotermeer Amsterdam Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   Tuindorp Buiksloot & Buikslotermeer LOCAL schools

Altra College
Government Rating:
School Phase:Secondary
Type:Generally special
Basisschool Buikslotermeer
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Biënkorf
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Type:Roman Catholic
Basisschool De Capelle
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary
Basisschool De Piramide
Government Rating:
School Phase:Primary


Local Flavor   Tuindorp Buiksloot & Buikslotermeer Local Flavor

De Tanker and De Gele Pomp

Two disused gas stations sit high above the busy road that leads to the tunnel into town. Their ramps long gone, the two buildings on either end were left unattended and soon attracted street youth and junkies. But in recent years, both have found a new purpose. The pink one is now home to a cultural stage for dance, music, theatre art and debate. The yellow one is now home to Hotmamahot and offers creative workshops, courses, and demonstrations for all ages.

De Nieuwe Noorder

This lovely cemetery was built in the 1920s. The main buildings are of architectural importance with many original Amsterdam School details. The grounds are meticulously kept and are a nature reserve. This makes the cemetery a wonderful spot for a walk. It's open to public.

Winkelcentrum Boven ‘t Y

Where urban planning goes wrong, it sometimes goes horribly wrong. It’s easy to tell that the planners of this lackluster mall meant well when they drew up their designs, but they fell far short. Newer additions didn’t help, either. Sure, there are decent shops, and the market is great, but the architecture is grim to say the least.  But a major overhaul is on the way. Let’s hope the planners learned from previous mistakes, as this spot deserves a nice shopping mall.

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