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A tidy village-like atmosphere with creative credentials.
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  • 104 Shops
  • 7 Fitness options
  • 79 Restaurants
  • 16 Grocery stores/markets
  • 2 Banks
  • 44 Nightlife options




De Beauvoir Town has an average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

  WHAT’S LIVING IN De Beauvoir Town LIKE?

More of a village than a town, De Beauvoir Town is filled with established residents who grew up here, started businesses, and settled down. As the older generations move on, new families move in and start the process all over again.

Named after a family that bought property here in 1640, this is a popular spot for artists and writers, who seem to thrive in the quiet, tree-lined streets. A majority of the homes are semi-detached Victorians with class and character in spades. For anyone looking for peace and quiet, this is by far one of the best neighborhoods to live in.

As with any popular neighborhood, you pay a premium to live here. Some of the homes here are extremely expensive, particularly along De Beauvoir Square, while the rest of them are just plain expensive. If you look hard enough you can find flats for around £400,000 to £600,000 but don't expect enough room in these for a family. Rental prices vary depending on where you live.

There are a number of restaurants here, primarily along the main roads that make up the neighborhood's borders. Walking the streets, you'll pass art galleries, vinyl record stores, boutiques, and shops selling home goods. If you are a fan of flowers, the hip florist Flower Appreciation Society is known for their creative arrangements. There is a strong community here, with lots of local events, exhibits, shows, and community newsletters.

While a lot of the families here do have cars, there are plenty of public transportation options available including the Haggerston Overground station and multiple buses.

De Beauvoir Town is bordered on the north by Shackewell, on the east by Dalston, on the south by Shoreditch, and on the west by Canonbury.


The City: 2.3 miles / 15-30 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 15 minutes by bike
Canary Wharf: 4.7 miles / 20-35 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 25 minutes by bike
Southwark: 3.8 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 40 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by bike
Westminster: 5 miles / 25-55 minutes by car / 45 minutes by transit / 30 minutes by bike
Shoreditch: 1 mile / 5-10 minutes by car / 20 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by foot / 5 minutes by bike

De Beauvoir Town London Neighborhood Guide


Local Flavor   De Beauvoir Town LOCAL schools

Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Voluntary Aided
Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Nursery
School Type:Nursery
Copenhagen Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
De Beauvoir Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
7-11 YEARS
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Secondary
School Type:Community


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