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A diverse crowd and ample amenities make Haggerston a great place to live.

Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Creatives
  • Families


What's around
  • 53 Shops
  • 3 Fitness options
  • 47 Restaurants
  • 7 Grocery stores/markets
  • 1 Banks
  • 16 Nightlife options




Haggerston has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.


Haggerson is a bit of a melting pot when it comes to just about everything: cultures, people, jobs, and housing. That feel stems from the fact that this neighborhood was cobbled together from streets that were excluded from surrounding neighborhoods. It's unapologetically a hipster destination and amongst the shops and homes are walls covered in street art. 

As prices elsewhere in London skyrocket, people are finally taking notice of Haggerston since it still has apartments and houses for every budget. Housing is a mix of Victorian era terraces, new condo towers, and lofts converted from old warehouses. Artists are moving in, new shops are opening up, and rent prices are slowly increasing. The opening of a London Overground station here has made this much more appealing for people commuting elsewhere for work.

There are tons of great restaurants and pubs here along two main roads, Kingsland and Hackney. The neighborhood's historic Broadway Market is a weekly street market that features 135 stalls selling food, clothing, homewares, and gifts. Another great attraction is Regent's Canal, which cuts through town is a good place to walk on a sunny day or grab a cold beer at one of the warehouses-cum-bars that line the towpaths. 

Overall, Haggerston is still a quiet place to live, but there's no telling when the scales will tip this into one of London's new trendy hot spots.

Haggerston is bordered on the north by Dalston, on the east by South Hackney, on the south by Bethnal Green, and on the west by Shoreditch and Canonbury.


The City: 2.1 miles / 15-25 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 15 minutes by bike
Canary Wharf: 3.8 miles / 15-25 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 20-25 minutes by bike
Southwark: 3.5 miles / 20-35 minutes by car / 40 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by bike
Westminster: 4.9 miles / 25-55 minutes by car / 40-50 minutes by transit / 30 minutes by bike
Shoreditch: 1.2 miles / 10 minutes by car / 15 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by foot / 5 minutes by bike

Haggerston London Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Haggerston LOCAL schools

Bangabandhu Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Bonner Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Columbia Market Nursery School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Nursery
School Type:Nursery
Columbia Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Elizabeth Selby Infants' School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community


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