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Hither Green has tons of local activities and a wide selection of housing.
Studio / 1 BR
59% Complete
2 Bedrooms
76% Complete
3 Bedrooms
89% Complete
4 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Families


What's around
  • 238 Restaurants
  • 8 Schools
  • 36 Grocery stores/markets
  • 17 Banks
  • 64 Nightlife options
  • 34 Fitness options
  • 360 Shops




Hither Green has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for London.


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Hither Green is a well kept secret among Londoners. Solidly middle-class, it has a good selection of stately older homes and new developments and is a popular choice for families because of the good schools and many local activities. It also benefits from a residential population that's dedicated to maintaining a strong community: they work on restoring local landmarks, planting trees, hosting events, and in general making this a great place to live.

If you do decide to live here, you'll have a wide variety of homes to choose from. Hither Green has late Victorian and Edwardian homes (in terraced, detached, and semi-detached forms), prewar homes, and some newer apartment buildings. Prices are quite affordable considering the amount of space you get. That affordability has made this neighborhood a draw for young families and couples. 

There are a ton of shopping and dining optons around town, mostly located around the main thoroughfare of Lee High Road. And as mentioned, Hither Green does offer a lot of activities – in fact, there are generally several activities happening every day of the week, including dance classes for toddlers, a sewing club, kids’ clubs, group walks, and film nights. 

Hither Green is bordered on the north by Lewisham, on the east by Lee, on the south by Catford, and on the west by Brockley.


The City: 6.9 miles / 35-70 minutes by car / 35 minutes by transit
Canary Wharf: 7.3 miles / 30-60 minutes by car / 35-45 minutes by transit 
Southwark: 6.1 miles / 30-55 minutes by car / 30-35 minutes by transit
Westminster: 7.7 miles / 35-80 minutes by car / 40-50 minutes by transit
Shoreditch: 8.2 miles / 40-85 minutes by car / 45-60 minutes by transit 

Hither Green London Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Hither Green LOCAL schools

Brindishe Green School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Brindishe Manor School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Morden Mount Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
St Margaret's Lee CofE Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Voluntary Aided
St Mary's Lewisham Church of England Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Voluntary Aided


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