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A tightknit community with plenty of charm and energy.
Studio / 1 BR
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2 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Families
  • Professionals


What's around
  • 41 Shops
  • 4 Fitness options
  • 64 Restaurants
  • 6 Grocery stores/markets
  • 1 Banks
  • 9 Nightlife options




Stroud Green has a low violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for London.


With Victorian charm to spare, Stroud Green is a haven for young families and professionals. Everyone seems to know everyone else and people do plan to grow old here.

There is a lot of new construction happening and the older homes are getting renovated, so you'll find modernized family homes and larger apartments.The larger Victorian style homes are the premium options around here, but they get picked up pretty quickly.

Stroud Green Road is the main street for shopping and eating and it is always bustling with activity. There are dozens of restaurants offering a diverse mix of cuisines. The Old Dairy bar is a local favorite with great history.

The nearby Finsbury Park is a local favorite and it's been upgraded to have more amenities. It's got a cafe, gym, track, skate park, tennis courts, pond, playground, and large open spaces. This park is also home to a lot of local events and festivals. The Parkland Walk runs throughout the neighbourhood and provides ample space for dog walking, evening strolls, and safe cycling.

There is also a gallery near Finsbury Park that is home to the work of John Jones, the country’s leading picture framer. You’ll also find a lot of up and coming fashion designers in different stores and workspaces.

While you won't find any schools in Stroud Green, there are several good primary and secondary schools in nearby neighborhoods.

Stroud Green is bordered on the north by Hornsey, on the east by Harringay, on the south by Finsbury Park, and on the west by Crouch End.


The City: 5.2 miles / 30-55 minutes by car / 35-40 minutes by transit / 30-35 minutes by bike
Canary Wharf: 8 miles / 35-65 minutes by car / 55 minutes by transit
Southwark: 6.9 miles / 35-75 minutes by car / 40-45 minutes by transit 
Westminster: 7 miles / 35-80 minutes by car / 40 minutes by transit
Shoreditch: 4 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit / 20-25 minutes by bike

Stroud Green London Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Stroud Green LOCAL schools

Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
Christ The King RC Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Voluntary Aided
North Islington Nursery School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Nursery
School Type:Nursery
Parkwood Primary School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community
South Harringay Infant School
Ofsted rating:
Ofsted phase:Primary
School Type:Community


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