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Beaches, canyons, and mountains: Malibu is a natural beauty.
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  • 9 Banks
  • 10 Nightlife options




Malibu has an average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for Los Angeles.


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Malibu bills itself as "27 miles of scenic beauty" and that's an accurate self-assessment. As you drive the Pacific Coast Highway (the "PCH" for short), the main road in and out of Malibu, you'll be awed by the view as you crest a hill or come around a bend. White sand beaches spread out before you and mansions sit on bluffs or up in the hills overlooking the ocean. 

This is an area where nature is in your face, reminding you just how stunning our world can be. But sometimes nature likes to give us a kick to make sure we know who's in charge: rock slides are common on the PCH and can shut traffic down for hours. Forest fires occasionally flare up and scorch a few dozen acres here as well.

Most homes here hug the coast, though you will find some secluded houses up in the canyons and mountains that separate Malibu from the rest of LA. Nothing is particularly affordable if you're looking to buy, though by Los Angeles standards Malibu is more attainable than many other neighborhoods.

Rentals aren't in high supply and can also be quite expensive, though smaller places can be reasonable. There is some great surfing in Malibu, so homes by the most coveted surf breaks are especially pricey. 

There is not much of a town center in Malibu. Instead, shops and dining are stretched out along the PCH. The most dense commercial area is the adjacent shopping plazas of Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard (it's no longer a functioning lumber yard), which feature upscale boutiques and restaurants.

Malibu schools are excellent, though depending on where you live they could be a time consuming drive away.

Malibu is bordered on the north by the Santa Monica Mountains, on the east by Topanga, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by Ventura County. 


Burbank: 38.7 miles / 60-110 minutes by car / 190 minutes by transit
Century City: 24.0 miles / 45-90 minutes by car / 100 minutes by transit
Downtown LA: 33.3 miles / 55-100 minutes by car / 150 minutes by transit
Santa Monica: 18.5 miles / 30-60 minutes by car / 55 minutes by transit

Malibu Los Angeles Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Malibu LOCAL schools

St. Aidan's School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.59 mi
Mckinna Learning Center
Parent Rating:
Distance:1.33 mi
Malibu Leadership Academy
Parent Rating:
Distance:1.47 mi
Point Dume Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:1.66 mi


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