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Charm and great architecture are in abundance at this laid-back neighborhood.
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2 Bedrooms
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Good For
  • Families
  • Professionals


What's around
  • 25 Nightlife options
  • 20 Fitness options
  • 121 Restaurants
  • 147 Shops
  • 1 Schools
  • 14 Grocery stores/markets
  • 8 Banks




Cobble Hill has an average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for New York City.


Located in Brooklyn, Cobble Hill is at the center of a collection of charming neighborhoods. Like its neighbors, it sports leafy, shaded streets lined with elegant brownstones, brick rowhouses, and refurbished carriage houses -- many of which date to the 1800s. Adding to the historic feel are Victorian-style buildings and Gothic Revival churches. It all feels appropriate when you learn that this was a contested area during the American Revolution. (The British razed the eponymous hill to better protect their fort in nearby Brooklyn Heights).

But within this setting is a vibrant neighborhood full of boutiques, coffee shops, trendy restaurants, and bars where old timers mix it up with young families, professionals, and a French expats.  And when you're looking for some calm, the tiny Cobble Hill Park is a quiet place to read or collect your thoughts.

Cobble Hill is bordered on the north by Brooklyn Heights, on the east by Boerum Hill, on the south by Carroll Gardens, and on the west by Columbia Street Waterfront District.


Wall Street: 3.3 miles / 15-25 minutes by car / 25 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by bike
Rockefeller Center: 6.6 miles / 30-55 minutes by car / 35 minutes by transit
Jersey City: 9.8 miles / 30-55 minutes by car / 45-55 minutes by transit
Downtown Brooklyn: 1.1 miles / 10-20 minutes by car / 15-20 minutes by transit / 25 minutes by foot / 10 minutes by bike

Cobble Hill New York City Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Cobble Hill Local Flavor

This Thai restaurant has huge portions of food at cheap prices, making it a perrenial favorite for locals.

Cafe Luluc
Cafe Luluc 214 SMITH ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Popular with French expats, this French restaurant has amazing pancakes and French toast. Expect lines at peak times.

Clover Club
Clover Club 210 SMITH ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

The Clover Club is a cocktail bar that's left the pretension at home. This is a low key neighborhood spot that occasionally has live jazz music. 

Brooklyn Inn
Brooklyn Inn 163 COURT ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

This neighborhood hub has books of course, but also hosts nearly daily author events and book clubs.

Sam's Restaurant & Pizzeria
Sam's Restaurant & Pizzeria 238 COURT ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Established in 1930, Sam's is a neighborhood institution that's survived the many iterations of this neighborhood with a simple mission: make good pizza.


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