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"Industrial cool" is the dominant vibe in this hip Brooklyn neighborhood.
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DUMBO has an average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for New York City.


DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, but this Brooklyn neighborhood isn't stuck under a bridge – it's actually stuck under two, stretching from just west of the Brooklyn Bridge to just east of the Manhattan Bridge. Not so long ago this was a desolate area of empty warehouses, but it's experienced a complete rebirth into a trendy (and expensive) residential and commercial neighborhood. Those warehouses have been renovated and are now fashionable loft homes, office space for startups, and art galleries. Developers have also put up brand new condos and continue to build up the neighborhood.

DUMBO is popular with families looking for a bit more space for their money (although those days are coming to an end as prices continue to go up) and has a high concentration of people working in the arts.

The changes to this area have also brought in new restaurants and bars, although stalwarts like Grimaldi's Pizza and the romantic River Café go back decades. And when you want to get outside, there are parks (and a beach!) along the East River waterfront.

DUMBO is bordered on the north by the East River, on the east by Vinegar Hill, on the south by Downtown Brooklyn, and on the west by Brooklyn Heights.


Wall Street: 2.3 miles / 10-15 minutes by car / 20 minutes by transit / 20 minutes by foot / 15 minutes by ferry
Rockefeller Center: 6 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 30 minutes by transit
Jersey City: 8 miles / 35-45 minutes by car / 40-50 minutes by transit
Downtown Brooklyn: 0.7 miles / 5-10 minutes by car / 15 minutes by transit / 15 minutes by foot

Dumbo New York City Neighborhood Photo


While many of the original artists who came here for large, cheap studios are now priced out, the neighborhood continues to attract the creative class: designers, people in film and television, and entrepreneurs.
Due to the office space here in DUMBO and its location across the river from Manhattan, this is a popular place to live for people in the financial services and tech industries.


Local Flavor   DUMBO LOCAL schools

Explore Envision Charter School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.12 mi
Explore Enrich Charter School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.19 mi
Ps 8 Robert Fulton
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.27 mi
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.34 mi
Ps 307 Daniel Hale Williams
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.39 mi


Local Flavor   DUMBO Local Flavor

Grimaldi's 1 FRONT ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

This simple pizza place has been around forever and attracts hordes of locals and tourists alike. Expect a line. And delicious pizza.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory 1 WATER ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Located right on the waterfront in a cute old building, this is a great place to come for an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The Powerhouse Arena
The Powerhouse Arena 37 MAIN STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

This massive, hip bookstore also hosts events, including book launches, parties, and weddings. 

The River Café
The River Café 1 WATER ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Opened in 1977 in a forgotten and abandoned neighborhood by the Brooklyn docks, this romantic restaurant has been a destination for special occasions for decades. 

Superfine 126 FRONT ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Located directly under the Manhattan Bridge, this local bar has been around for quite a while. They also serve great food.

Brooklyn Roasting Company
Brooklyn Roasting Company 25 JAY ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11201 MAP

Cool industrial space with bags of coffee beans just waiting to get roasted and tasted by you. 

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