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The northern tip of Manhattan is a quiet urban spot for people who love the outdoors.
Studio / 1 BR
64% Complete
2 Bedrooms
86% Complete
3 Bedrooms
100% Complete
4 Bedrooms
0% Complete

Good For
  • Families
  • Nature lovers
  • Professionals
  • Singles


What's around
  • 40 Nightlife options
  • 12 Fitness options
  • 134 Restaurants
  • 100 Shops
  • 2 Schools
  • 39 Grocery stores/markets
  • 15 Banks




Inwood has a below average violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for New York City.

  what's this neighborhood like?

Inwood occupies the northernmost part of Manhattan island. This is for the most part a quiet, residential neighborhood although some areas are still seedy. Due to Inwood's distance from the main business hubs of Manhattan it's a relatively affordable area.

Nearly half its real estate is taken up by Inwood Hill Park, whose 196 acres provide barbecuing areas, athletic fields, basketball and tennis courts, dog runs, hiking, and a marina. Closer to the park you'll find stately brick apartment buildings, but as you move away the scenery becomes a lot more industrial.

Inwood is bordered on the north and east by the Harlem River, on the south by Fort George, and on the west by the Hudson River.


Wall Street: 15 miles / 40-80 minutes by car / 55 minutes by transit
Rockefeller Center: 9.5 miles / 30-60 minutes by car / 45 minutes by transit
Jersey City: 23 miles / 40-65 minutes by car / 60 minutes by transit

Inwood New York City Neighborhood Photo
Local Flavor   Local Flavor
Inwood Hill Park

There's old New York, and then there's old New York. Inwood Hill Park is a living piece of old New York. Evidence of its prehistoric roots exists as dramatic caves, valleys, and ridges left as the result of shifting glaciers.

Photo Credits: Thanks to @mr_mena_, @zestcollective, @nycstreetwalls, @ShannonMcDowell, @SusanSermoneta, @billrickman, @ShellieB., @GabrielKilby, @PaulSmith, @Marcela, @cristinaalexiz, @kelfernandez, @stephanieatlarge, @joeyp404, @newyorker_37, @nancymahl, @ilostnyc,, and @donshakzillaa for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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