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New York City's "Little Ireland" is a charming, laid back neighborhood.
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  • 4 Fitness options
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  • 21 Shops
  • 2 Schools
  • 5 Grocery stores/markets
  • 5 Banks
  • 17 Nightlife options




Woodlawn has an average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for New York City.

  what's this neighborhood like?

Woodlawn, sometimes referred to as Woodlawn Heights, just might be the heart of New York's Irish American population – and that's saying a lot since people of Irish heritage make up a big percentage of the city's residents. In fact, this Bronx neighborhood is often referred to as Little Ireland. As if to "refresh" the Irishness of the place, every summer several hundred university students from Ireland come to New York to work and stay here in Woodlawn.

It's no surprise that this strong cultural identity is readily visible. Restaurants and pubs have names like "Mary's Celtic Kitchen" and "Celtic House" and you'll see a lot of green on the signs of local businesses; four leaf clovers are in abundant supply. Many families have been here for generations.

This is a vibrant community with plenty going on. The main thoroughfare through town, Katonah Avenue, is a charming street full of dining and shopping options, nightlife, and services. (If you're not interested in Irish Stew, you'll find Italian and Indian cuisine as well.)

When it comes to housing, on and around Katonah Avenue you'll find low-rise apartment buildings. But most housing is provided by single-family homes, ranging from modestly sized to quite large. Streets are lined with trees and overall this is an attractive neighborhood.

You're best off having a car up here, but public transit is manageable. A Metro North train stops at the neighborhoods eastern border and will take you into Manhattan or upstate. If you're willing to walk another few hundred feet, you'll have access to two subway lines. The neighborhood does have good bus service.

For those with kids, Woodlawn offers a great public elementary school. Most high school students attend the private St. Barnabas.

Woodlawn is bordered on the north by Yonkers, on the east by Wakefield, and on the south and west by Van Cortland Park.


Wall Street: 18.8 miles / 45-100 minutes by car / 70-90 minutes by transit
Rockefeller Center: 14.8 miles / 45-100 minutes by car / 65-70 minutes by transit
Stamford: 23.6 miles / 35-70 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit

Photo Credits: Thanks to @v4newyork, @ciarangill63, @umiringar, @ciararosegannon, @t_h_y_i, @ciarangill63, @bitterl.ips, @bronxtours, @lauraplunk, @leapingheart, @excelsior_nyc, @annadelslay, @trixiemcpickles, @noraangeline, @dennisssddd, @beautyindeathblog, @greggygramm, @jstal89, @steve_n23, and @kathamms for your great photos of this neighborhood! 

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