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Famous for its fog (in a city known for fog), Inner Sunset is a highly diverse neighborhood with a small town vibe that's perfect for outdoorsy types.
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Inner Sunset lies just south of Golden Gate Park and is the twin of Inner Richmond, the neighborhood bordering the park to the north. While both are hotspots for independent small businesses, the Inner Sunset’s restaurant scene is considered superior, particularly by sushi lovers. It’s also known for its foggier weather: some say that it’s in the middle of the “fog zone” and may be the foggiest neighborhood in the city.

Unlike Inner Richmond it has light rail access as well as buses, making it a somewhat easier commute downtown. It’s very walkable, with small lots of tract homes and row houses, Edwardian- and Victorian-style homes, and small-to-medium size newer apartment buildings.

The corner of 9th Avenue and Irving Street is considered the Inner Sunset’s epicenter, and both streets extend outward with dining and shopping options. A Sunday farmer’s market can be found just past that corner as well.

Like the rest of the Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods, this neighborhood has strong Irish roots -- perhaps the fog and sand dunes reminded immigrants of the misty moors of their homeland. Waves of immigrants from other countries, particularly in the 1980s, have brought an enormous amount of diversity. Even more so than other areas in San Francisco, this neighborhood is considered to be a “global village.”

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center on the eastern side is both an important research and patient care facility, as well as educating 4,000 graduate students in health sciences every year. This, plus the influx of young professionals from the tech boom mingles with the older residents of families to create a small town atmosphere with a youngish vibe.

The Inner Sunset is great for nature lovers and athletes, with Golden Gate Park to the north. Run the tracks at Kezar Stadium or play sports in one of the nearby fields.

To the south there’s Golden Gate Heights, which claims both Grand View Park, Sunset Heights Park, and Mt. Sutro to the right. The area surrounding Mt. Sutro is called Forest Knolls, and along with Golden Gate Heights, they are both considered micro-communities within Inner Sunset. They are both more isolated and purely residential, perfect for those wanting a break from city life but who want the nearby conveniences of it. With the good schools, low crime, and decent nightlife, the Inner Sunset appeals to all of its diverse residents.

Inner Sunset is bordered on the north by Golden Gate Park, on the east by Cole Valley, on the south by Forest Hill, and on the west by Outer Sunset.

Inner Sunset San Francisco Neighborhood Image


Local Flavor   Inner Sunset LOCAL schools

Yu (Alice Fong) Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.17 mi
9-12 & ungraded GRADES
San Francisco Flex Academy
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.31 mi
Sunset Progressive School (Will open: Fall 2015)
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.34 mi
Saint Anne School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.41 mi
Woodside International School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.55 mi


Local Flavor   Inner Sunset Local Flavor

Ebisu Sushi
Ebisu Sushi 1283 9TH AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122 MAP

Many residents consider Ebisu to be one of the best sushi restaurants in San Francisco, in a neighborhood known for its sushi.

Mucky Duck
Mucky Duck 1315 9TH AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122 MAP

Mucky Duck is a popular bar to watch sports, play pool, or get an early start on the night during their happy hour.

University of California San Francisco
University of California San Francisco 505 PARNASSUS AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94143 MAP

UCSF is a world renowned center for graduate education, health sciences research, and patient care.

Mount Sutro

Offering several hiking trails, this hill and forest offers a lush escape from city life.

Misdirections Magic Shop
Misdirections Magic Shop 1236 9TH AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122 MAP

This shop offers magic supplies and education. A review for Misdirections reads, “A little bit of magic and silly fun for kids of all ages.”

Kezar Stadium
Kezar Stadium 670 KEZAR DR, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94118 MAP

An outdoor athletics stadium with many types of sports fields and facilities and special events.

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