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An upscale neighborhood with a varied selection of shopping and dining, the steep hills here will keep you in good shape.
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Good For
  • Couples without kids
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What's around
  • 21 Grocery stores/markets
  • 53 Nightlife options
  • 59 Fitness options
  • 153 Shops
  • 9 Banks
  • 3 Schools
  • 151 Restaurants




Russian Hill has an above average violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for San Francisco.


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Russian Hill’s claim to fame is Lombard Street, often called the world’s most crooked road (which isn't actually true!). Every day cars line up to drive down this one block stretch of twists and turns and tourists stand at the bottom taking pictures. But since this is the neighborhood’s only tourist attraction, Russian Hill is less of a destination and mostly a lovely residential neighborhood. It keeps to itself but is tucked between very popular attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square to the north, areas dense with shops, restaurants, and throngs of tourists gazing out at the beautiful Marin County coastline across the Bay.

Russian Hill is named for the seven Russian gravestones found at the top of the hill by gold rushers, although the Russian influence on the neighborhood has long passed. It also has the highest altitude of any neighborhood in San Francisco. The heights can either be daunting for less resilient pedestrians or cyclists, or exhilarating for those interested in getting a workout whenever they leave the house. Buses are pretty easy to come by and the surrounding neighborhoods are within walking distance (as long as you’re willing to get a calf workout).

Pockets of restaurants and shops give residents everything they need, especially on Polk and Hyde Streets towards the south of the neighborhood. Polk Street is crowded with boutiques, antique shops, trendy restaurants, and a few night spots. Some French influence has popped up around Polk and Green Streets, where you’ll find a café-boulangerie, a French antiques store, and a few gift and home décor shops.

Although it boasts some low-key nightlife, it’s primarily a quiet and clean neighborhood with an upscale vibe. You can find extravagant Victorian and Edwardian homes, along with a few high rise apartment buildings (some of the city’s first and finest). It’s a beautiful neighborhood in the middle of everything, dotted with parks with incredible views. It’s perfect for families and young couples who like to be active.

Russian Hill is bordered on the north by Fisherman's Wharf, on the east by North Beach, on the south by Nob Hill, and on the west by Pacific Heights.

Russian Hill San Francisco Neighborhood Image


Local Flavor   Russian Hill Local Flavor

Swensen’s Ice Cream
Swensen’s Ice Cream 1999 HYDE ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 MAP

Old school ice cream parlor operating since 1948.

Ina Coolbrith Park

Small, hidden away park with amazing views. Perfect for a romantic date.

Bimbo’s 365
Bimbo’s 365 1025 COLUMBUS AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94133 MAP

Long-time entertainment club specializing in rock and jazz shows.

San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco Art Institute 800 CHESTNUT ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94133 MAP

Check out student exhibits or artist lectures, stop by the school cafe with a great view of the Bay, or take in the magnificent Diego Rivera mural.

Union Larder
Union Larder 1945 HYDE ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 MAP

Stock up on cheese, charcuterie, wine, and other artisan provisions and head to the park or have a snack at the long, metal bar.

Lombard Street

While Lombard is a long, east-west street, it’s famous for this one steep block with eight hairpin turns.

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