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Bungalows, maple trees, and parrots. Yes...parrots.
Studio / 1 BR
46% Complete
2 Bedrooms
73% Complete
3 Bedrooms
91% Complete
4 Bedrooms
100% Complete

Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Professionals
  • Singles


What's around
  • 27 Restaurants
  • 4 Banks
  • 1 Grocery stores/markets
  • 8 Nightlife options
  • 41 Shops
  • 6 Schools
  • 10 Fitness options




Maple Leaf has a high violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for Seattle.


Named after all the Maple Trees in the area (or perhaps after the Maple Saw Mill that once existed here), Maple Leaf is a primarily residential community with a tightknit community vibe. Most of its houses are bungalows or Tudor style homes.

Roosevelt Way and Lake City Way, the neighborhood's two main streets, have a number of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, and the requisite food trucks.

To get a dose of exercise you can visit the 16 acre (6.5 hectare) Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, which has trails, gardens, athletic fields, and a children's' play area.

Interesting fact: Maple Leaf is one of two neighborhoods in Seattle that is home to a flock of parrots descended from escaped pets.

Maple Leaf is bordered on the north by Northgate, on the east by Lake City and Wedgwood, on the south by Roosevelt, and on the west by Green Lake and North College Park.


Downtown Seattle: 7.2 miles / 20-45 minutes by car / 30-35 minutes by transit
Bellevue: 11.5 miles / 25-45 minutes by car / 45-60 minutes by transit
Redmond: 17.9 miles / 30-60 minutes by car / 55-60 minutes by transit

Maple Leaf Seattle Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Maple Leaf LOCAL schools

The Perkins School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.07 mi
Olympic View Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.28 mi
Dartmoor School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.28 mi
St Catherine School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.31 mi
Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder Day School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.37 mi


Local Flavor   Maple Leaf Local Flavor

Kona Kitchen
Kona Kitchen 8501 5TH AVE NE SEATTLE, WA 98115 MAP

Kona Kitchen is a casual family dining experience where you’ll find a tempting array of Hawaiian and Japanese dishes prepared with the care of a home-cooked meal.Owned and operated by film actor Yuji Okumoto, Kona Kitchen is a quiet, relaxing spot to catch your breath amid the bustling lifestyle Seattle natives are used to.

Jewel Box Café
Jewel Box Café 321 NE THORNTON PL SEATTLE, WA 98125 MAP

The Jewel Box Café is steeped in Old World Charm,
serving Extravagant Espresso,
Fresh Fare, Delectable Desserts, and more.

Cloud City Coffee
Cloud City Coffee 8801 ROOSEVELT WAY NE SEATTLE, WA 98115 MAP

A cafe located in the heart of Seattle's Maple Leaf neighborhood.

Phayathai Cuisine
Phayathai Cuisine 8917 LAKE CITY WAY NE SEATTLE, WA 98115 MAP

Thai and Asian Fusion. 

Reservoir Tavern
Reservoir Tavern 8509 ROOSEVELT WAY NE SEATTLE, WA 98115 MAP

Dive bar right next to the Reservoir. 

Photo Credits: Thanks to @seattlepulse, @masondeforrest, @seatexhex, @joiegowan, @naturopathicmedicine, @katherine_realtor, @grrraciekins, @hilarylynnhorn, @sjkattel, @seatexhex, @traclay, @cho_co_late, @brookecdavisre, @lalaloquinfla, @rtpfotog, @grrraciekins, @ee_dee_kay, @adulis84, @turdlethetuliphound for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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