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A wealthy enclave with a prime lakefront location.

Good For
  • Couples without kids
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Professionals


What's around
  • 1 Schools
  • 10 Restaurants
  • 12 Fitness options
  • 0 Banks
  • 1 Grocery stores/markets
  • 1 Nightlife options
  • 7 Shops




Seward Park has a low violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Seattle.


The Seward Park neighborhood in south Seattle incorporates a small peninsula that juts out into Lake Washington and provides 300 acres (121 hectares) of green space. The 2.5 mile loop around the park is a great walk or run. You can actually run this route for a good cause by joining the popular "Furry 5K" race held each June to benefit the Seattle Animal Shelter organization.

Given its lakefront location, this is the most expensive neighborhood in south Seattle. Large homes site on the prime lakefront property and more modest residential homes make up most of the remaining real estate. There are some basic businesses and dining and shopping options on the western side of the neighborhood.

Seward Park is bordered on the north and east by Lake Washington, on the south by Rainier Beach, and on the west by Rainier Beach and Columbia City.


Downtown Seattle: 6 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 40 minutes by transit
Bellevue: 13.5 miles / 30-45 minutes by car / 90-100 minutes by transit
Redmond: 20 miles / 30-55 minutes by car / 70-80 minutes by transit

Seward Park Seattle Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Seward Park LOCAL schools

Graham Hill Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.44 mi
Orca (Columbia)
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.54 mi
St Edward School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.72 mi
Brighton Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.88 mi
Aki Kurose Middle School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.89 mi


Local Flavor   Seward Park Local Flavor

Flying Squirrel Pizza Co
Flying Squirrel Pizza Co 4920 S GENESEE ST SEATTLE, WA 98118 MAP
Business website

Sourcing the best cured meats in Seattle, make our own sausage, use the freshest veggies around and aren't afraid to spin a classic or mix up something fresh and unexpected.

Bent Burgers
Bent Burgers 5100 DAWSON ST STE 100 SEATTLE, WA 98118 MAP

Burgers, beer, and milkshakes!

Seward Park Audubon Center
Seward Park Audubon Center 5902 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD S SEATTLE, WA 98118 MAP

At the Seward Park Audubon Center, we cultivate wonder and nurture insatiable curiosity of the natural world through environmental science, outdoor exploration, and play!  Our mission is to inspire diverse audiences to conserve natural ecosystems and build healthy communities for people, birds and wildlife.

Caffe Vita Seward Park
Caffe Vita Seward Park 5028 WILSON AVE S SEATTLE, WA 98118 MAP

Roasting coffee since 1995. 

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