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  • 17 Restaurants
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  • 36 Shops
  • 1 Schools
  • 6 Fitness options




South Park has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for Seattle.


South Park, located in south Seattle, is a mash-up of industrial business, retail business, and residences. Deemed the city's most diverse neighborhood, this is a working- and middle-class area with people from every ethnic and racial background, and it still retains the grit of its industrial past. As the rest of Seattle real estate has skyrocketed, South Park has also experienced gentrification. Artists and architects have moved in and fixed up old houses; the city has provided more funds to improve infrastructure and social services.

Recreation-wise there are a number of parks, including a skate park, boxing clubs, and a yacht club (on the river that forms its eastern border). If you're looking for more sedentary activities, there are plenty of breweries for beer lovers here (Lowercase Brewing, Odin Brewing, Tin Dog Brewing, and Burdick Brewery). And for winos there are tasting rooms for a number of local wineries as well.

The downside of affordable homes and lots of things to do? As in neighboring Georgetown you'll have to contend with air pollution from the nearby King County International Airport.

South Park is bordered on the north by the Industrial District, on the east by Georgetown and the King County International Airpot, on the south by White Center, and on the west by Highland Park.


Downtown Seattle: 6 miles / 20-40 minutes by car / 35-45 minutes by transit
Bellevue: 16 miles / 35-60 minutes by car / 95 minutes by transit
Redmond: 22 miles / 40-70 minutes by car / 70-80 minutes by transit

South Park Seattle Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   South Park LOCAL schools

Concord Elementary School
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.36 mi
Soundview Education
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.87 mi
Sound View Education
Parent Rating:
Distance:0.87 mi


Local Flavor   South Park Local Flavor

Phorale 8909 14TH AVE S SEATTLE, WA 98108 MAP

It's a tiny spot in a bodega, but don't judge a book by it's cover. Not much in the way of atmosphere but the food is original and fun.  

Show Me Seattle
Show Me Seattle 8110 7TH AVE S SEATTLE, WA 98108 MAP

Unique experiences that showcase Seattle’s cultural history, dynamic food scene, innovative businesses & beautiful geography.

Tin Dog Brewing
Tin Dog Brewing 309 S CLOVERDALE ST SEATTLE, WA 98108 MAP

Nano-sized brewery, located in the unique Seattle neighborhood of South Park. The brewery is within easy reach of West Seattle, Burien, Renton, and Tukwila. We offer handcrafted beers on a 2 barrel brewing system, many of which are Belgian inspired.

All Metal Arts Seattle
All Metal Arts Seattle 7800 SEVENTH AVE S SEATTLE, WA 98108 MAP

Where all kinds of crazy and slightly dangerous things go on.

Loretta’s Northwesterner
Loretta’s Northwesterner 8617 14TH AVE S SEATTLE, WA 98108 MAP

A neighborhood outpost where drinking is a
priority, but also happens to have a really good burger.

Photo Credits: Thanks to @Joe Mabel , @Daniel Spils , @Brad Cerenzia , @brewbooks , @bonesbearings, @brannonronia, @compositionhome, @ted.zee, @lokijonah, @damundo75, @vanylie, @andritta, @j.robstark, @laurenpasquarelli, @andersenstudios, @rednovacraig, @tinyhoe for your great photos of this neighborhood! 


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