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A waterfront suburb with a good mix of residential and commercial areas.
Studio / 1 BR
0% Complete
2 Bedrooms
65% Complete
3 Bedrooms
96% Complete
4 Bedrooms
100% Complete

Good For
  • Empty nesters / Retirees
  • Families
  • Professionals


What's around
  • 22 Restaurants
  • 8 Fitness options
  • 1 Nightlife options
  • 40 Shops
  • 2 Grocery stores/markets
  • 0 Banks




Sylvania has a low violent crime rate and a low property crime rate for Sydney.


Sylvania is a suburb in Sydney's Sutherland Shire region located right on the Georges River. This is a family-friendly area with family-sized homes and properties. Many of the waterfront houses have their own docks, but landlocked water enthusiasts have a local marina where they can dock their boats.

Sylvania is predominantly residential, though it's got two main commercial areas along the primary road through town, Princes Highway. At the Southgate Shopping Centre you'll find a supermarket, Kmart, post office, bank, bowling lanes, and a couple fast food restaurants. Head southwest on Princes Highway and you'll run into a number of restaurants, including pizza, Japanese, and Chinese, a fitness center, and several shops and services. Other businesses are sprinkled throughout the suburb.

On weekends there is boating and fishing in the river, the beaches of Cronulla are only 15 minutes away by car, and the wonderful hiking at Royal National Park is even closer.

Sylvania is bordered on the north by Kangaroo Point and the Georges River, on the east by Sylvania Waters, on the south by Miranda and Gymea, and on the west by Kareela and the Georges River.


CBD: 25.7 km / 45-90 minutes by car / 60 minutes by transit
Chatswood: 35.1 km / 55-100 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit
Parramatta: 29 km / 45-80 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit

Sylvania Sydney Neighborhood Photo


Local Flavor   Sylvania LOCAL schools

Sylvania Heights Public School
School Performance:
7-12 YEARS
Sylvania High School
School Performance:
Sylvania Public School
School Performance:


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