You are the law. At least for visas and citizenship.
And we want you to help our customers moving around the globe.

City guides: designed for expats GoodMigrations City Guides are the most comprehensive
way for expats to learn about their new city.

How do I find a home? How can I get a bank acount set up? What's the right visa for me and what are the visa requirements? These are just some of the questions people face when relocating to a new country.
Many of our customers are being relocated by their companies and have their visa needs taken care of. But for everyone else navigating visas, green cards, and citizenship alone, it can be a byzantine process. And many aren't successful on their own. So when they come across the imigration lawyers listed on our City Guides pages they'll be glad to have the expertise.
It doesn't matter what country you're based in – if we're not there already we will be soon. So if you want to be the law around town, at least for immigration, drop us a note and we can talk about it.
Our customers need help with immigration You can be the person who helps them.
Acme Immigration Law
Acme Immigration Law

We offer a complete immigration solution to companies and individuals and can help with work permits and residence visas.

Summer N. O'Donnell
Melissa Brinkley

Hi! I'm Melissa and I've been helping expats with their visa needs for over a decade. I'm knowledgeable about B1, B2, H1B, H2B, and L1 visas.

This could be you!
Gracie Geer
Chris Robertson

My firm represents individuals, families, and companies with the latest in immigration stratetgy. I wil be your immigration partner.



Tired of other services where you bid against others on where and when you’ll appear? (The 4:00am slots are so cheap…if only there was traffic!). With GoodMigrations you get to appear all the time for a fixed price.


And no more than two other similar type of service provider will appear for the same city.


Your choice

Your choice

You choose which cities you want to appear on and only pay for those cities. Only interested in people moving to London, or Cartagena, or Singapore, or somewhere else? No problem.

Monthly or annual packages

Monthly or annual packages

Want to take GoodMigrations for a test drive? Try our month-to-month plan. Ready to commit to something more serious? (We don’t bite.)


Our annual plans offer significant savings. Both are extremely affordable and are a great tool in your marketing kit.

Monthly or annual packages

interested in learning more? Give us your contact info and we’ll give you a call.

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