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Moving to a new country is an exciting journey.

New cultures, new foods, new places to explore, new clothes! (Have you tried on lederhosen? So flattering!) But we know that logistically a lot has to happen to make an international move successful. As lump sum relocation packages increasingly become the norm, organizations are in need of straightforward self-serve solutions for their transferees. GoodMigrations was founded by expats, so we know what it takes to make a relocation successful. Let our people help your people.



global reach

Are your employees moving from New York to London? What about Mumbai to Melbourne? Or Cape Town to Shanghai?


We've got partners around the world, so it doesn't matter what the origin or destination is, we've got you covered.

Great Partners

Great partners

We only partner with the best. The international movers in our network are established companies performing thousands of international moves per year. You can be sure your clients will get reliable service and top-notch customer service.

expert NETWORK

Our Expert Expat ProgramTM includes expats around the world who have offered to provide their on-the-ground expertise. You can bet that they’ll be able to help with anything not covered in our comprehensive city guides.
  • Expert Expat Insider Tip
  • Expert Expat Insider Tip
  • Expert Expat Insider Tip
  • Expert Expat Insider Tip
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Personal support

Personal support

Check, check, and check. GoodMigrations' founders have moved overseas so we know how to make a move successful. Your employees can contact our team anytime with basic questions about their move.



We only focus on international relocations given their added complexity. We have one goal: we want your employees to fall in love with their new home. And a big part of that is ensuring a smooth relocation.


Simply put: our city guides are awesome. No one else offers insight into a destination at a neighborhood level. Transferees can use our Neighborhood Explorer to get recommendations on areas to live in using criteria that matters to them, such as cost of living, proximity to work, and good schools.


We said "free" at the top of the page, didn't we? Yep, we did. Our basic services are completely free to your organization. But if you need something a little more hands-on, we’d love to partner up and create a custom solution for you. So check out the options below and give us a shout if you’d like our help.
    Free is even better when it includes these great services:
  • A curated move with our hand-picked international moving partners
  • On-the-ground intel for basic services like housing, banking, and transportation with our City Guides
  • Neighborhood Explorer to find areas that match your employees' criteria
  • Our delightful whale guide, Bondi (pronounced "Bond-Eye")
  • Free high fives
contact usPremium
    We can work with you to provide the services that are important to you and your transferees, including:
  • Short-term housing solutions
  • Cross cultural training
  • Visa and immigration services
  • Property management services
  • Family support services
  • Tax compliance and reporting
  • Low fives too!
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interested in learning more? Give us your contact info and we’ll give you a call.

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