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We’re serious about our reviews. We want them to be as useful to people moving overseas as possible. Where other review sites have a subjective 5-star rating system, we’ve made ours objective – that way you know whether the overseas moving company delivered on their promises. Our reviews focus on what we feel are the three most important aspects of an international move:

Was the cost quoted accurately? Good international movers should be pretty accurate at estimating the amount of stuff you're shipping after conducting an in-home survey. If they're not it could be a sign that the company low balls customers during the quote process to win business and then jacks up the price after collection.

Was the transit time quoted accurately? It can be very difficult to estimate the exact time it will take to ship your things door to door. However, given that knowing roughly when your things will arrive can be pretty critical to planning your life overseas, that the moving company should be able to provide a realistic timeframe.

Did your stuff arrive in good condition? You’re entrusting a removal company to get all your life's possessions from one place to another and likely paying good money for them to do so. The international moving company should be taking care to pack and load your things carefully so they arrive in the same condition they left in.

And we're serious about keeping our reviews honest. Our trademarked Cost/Time/Condition rating process is the backbone of what we stand for. Other review sites have become useless thanks to spam reviews submitted by shady moving companies. We only let actual GoodMigrations customers review their mover.

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