7 Best Interstate Movers of 2023

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Moving across state lines can be a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re moving a family, a vehicle, or a large household.

But it doesn’t have to be when you do your research, plan ahead, and choose one of our seven best interstate moving companies to handle the job to your standards.

Comparing the Best Interstate Moving Companies

Already elbows deep in the moving process? Skim the table below to conveniently compare the best interstate moving companies for your upcoming relocation.

Company Best For Services BBB Rating
International Van Lines Overall
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Storage
  • Furniture assembly
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Corporate relocation
Safeway Moving Accurate Quotes
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Custom crating
  • Storage
American Van Lines Sustainability
  • Custom crating
  • Corporate/commercial moving
JK Moving Services Financing
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Storage
  • Furniture assembly
  • Corporate relocations
North American Van Lines Insurance Claims
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Storage
  • Furniture assembly
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Corporate relocation
Allied Van Lines Vehicle Shipping
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Storage
  • Vehicle shipping
  • Portable moving containers
  • Corporate relocation
U-Pack Budget Shoppers
  • Portable storage containers
  • 28-foot freight trucks

How We Picked the Best Moving Companies for Interstate Moves

All the moving companies on this list went through a tough vetting process to earn their spot.

Here’s what we considered before we zeroed in on the best interstate moving companies.

  • Customer reviews: How well was the company reviewed overall? What were the recurring themes that stuck out? How does the Better Business Bureau rate them?
  • State availability: How far-reaching is the company’s service area? Do they operate in all 50 states, only the contiguous United States, or are they regional?
  • Service options: How are the services packaged? Is there flexibility? Is the company self-service or full-service?
  • Customer service and pricing transparency: How easy is it to speak to someone on the phone, visit a branch, or request a quote?

Best Interstate Movers

Our experts spent hours researching the best interstate moving companies. Here are our top picks:

Best Overall: International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) is a family-owned full-service moving company with more than two decades of experience.

We love that the company has a demonstrated commitment to transparent pricing and global reach that allows it to accommodate interstate moves to and from every U.S. state. That reach also earned IVL a spot on our best international moving companies list.

IVL provides straightforward online quotes with upfront pricing. Not only that, but its average pricing seems to be more affordable than some comparable moving companies, although this depends on the type and size of your relocation.


  • Offers local, long-distance, and international moving services
  • Includes 30 days of free storage with all reservations
  • Donates to charity
  • Customers may add packing services
  • Convenient online quotes with upfront pricing


  • No in-person customer support
  • Not always the cheapest option

Best for Accurate quotes: Safeway Moving

Safeway Moving is a veteran-owned moving company with a large volume of positive customer reviews, many of which sing praises of how seamlessly their payment expectations were set from start to finish.

Safeway’s pricing accuracy is in large part due its triple-check verification process. This process requires all movers to complete an in-person or virtual survey to catalog all their items and walk through the logistics of their move to ensure an accurate quote.


  • Triple-check quote process, including in-person or virtual survey
  • Price matches competitors
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30 days of free storage


  • Requires an upfront deposit
  • Doesn’t offer shipment tracking

Best for Sustainability: American Van Lines

American Van Lines (AVL) is a full-service moving company with concrete core values that guide all its operating practices. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are among its biggest priorities.

It lives up to this value by updating its vehicles with the most energy-efficient technologies, donating back to communities it serves, and developing creative solutions that reduce their overall environmental impact.

Other than that, AVL is a run-of-the-mill professional moving company with diverse service offerings and reliable employees. It should be considered whenever you’re planning a move across state lines.


  • Offers full-service packing, including packing supplies
  • Provides insurance coverage for high-value items
  • Discounts for seniors and military members
  • Employees must complete background checks and random drug tests
  • Committed to environmental responsibility


  • Must pay a 50% deposit at booking
  • Doesn’t offer shipment tracking

Best for Financing: JK Moving Services

Let’s cut to the chase. JK Moving Services will likely be the most expensive full-service company you request a quote from, but don’t let that deter you. JK Moving Services is equipped for massive moves (think more than 20,000 pounds of household goods), so its services are worth the price tag if you have room in your budget.

JK Moving Services is aware that its services may be inaccessible to the everyday consumer, which is why its partnership with Enhancify is a major value add. With this third-party financing option, customers can pay for their move without taking away necessary funds from other moving and living expenses.


  • Overwhelming positive customer reviews
  • Financing options for customers who don’t have cash on hand or want to pay for their move over time
  • Recycles materials to minimize waste
  • Can get a quote with AI assistance


  • One of the most expensive options in the moving industry
  • Doesn’t service local moves outside the D.C. area

North American Van Lines is a competitively priced full-service carrier and broker. This means that it employs its own full-time professional movers, but there may be some situations where it outsources to other moving companies. Customers can hire the company for as little or as much moving help as they need, which provides some flexibility in terms of price points.

North American Van Lines also makes it very easy to locate and process its domestic and international claims forms. The website has these claims forms as a very visible dropdown tab, and many customer reviews assert that they’ve been impressed when they’ve needed to file a claim.


  • Tons of service options, including full-service packing and furniture assembly
  • Moving packages are fully customizable
  • Free online quotes
  • Custom crating options


  • May outsource to other moving carriers in some markets
  • Can’t get a binding quote without an in-home estimate

Best for Vehicle Shipping: Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is one of the nation’s oldest moving companies. It operates in all 50 U.S. states and more than 130 countries worldwide. Allied Van Lines offers all the standard full-service moving solutions for local, long-distance, and international relocations. It even offers self-service portable storage containers, but its standout feature is by far its speedy vehicle shipment.

According to the company, it can complete most vehicle shipments within one week. Many auto transport companies outsource to carriers, which can lead to inconsistent business practices and a wide range of delivery dates. Most commonly, auto transport companies provide a delivery window. Allied Van Lines does the same, but its window is much tighter than its competitors.


  • More than 95 years of experience
  • 24/7 shipment tracking
  • Donates unwanted items to Salvation Army
  • Offers portable storage containers and full-service moving solutions


  • No online quotes
  • Slow claims process, according to some customer reviews

Best for Budget Shoppers: U-Pack

We would be remiss if we built out this list without considering at least one DIY moving solution. U-Pack offers the Relocube — an eight-foot portable storage container — and a 28-foot freight trailer. Both options are self-service unless you choose to hire third-party moving help.

With the latter option, you can move large and bulky items without paying for the whole truck. For this reason, it can be a valuable option for budget-conscious consumers that don’t want to totally DIY but don’t want to overpay for services they don’t need, either.


  • Less expensive than full-service moving companies
  • Pay for only the space you need on a freight trailer
  • Instant online quotes
  • Professional movers drive after you load


  • Limited time to load and unload
  • Significant fee for cancellation within a week of moving date

How to Choose the Best Interstate Mover

Hiring interstate movers doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Here are some tips so you can choose the best interest moving company for your moving needs:

  • Consider years of experience. Older companies have the experience necessary to establish a reliable reputation and the ability to anticipate possible moving issues, but newer companies may offer more advanced technologies. Weigh a company’s years of experience against its service options to determine its value.
  • Review their interstate moving services. Some companies offer more bare-bones services, while others will go so far as to clean your old home on the way out. Make sure you evaluate your service options to confirm the company can meet your needs.
  • Request a quote. Online quotes make it easier to estimate your moving costs, but some companies take a more analog approach to ensure more accurate estimates. Either way, make sure you choose a company that’s upfront about your expected costs.
  • Verify credentials. Moving carriers are required by law to register to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and hold liability insurance. You can request a moving company’s USDOT number or look them up on FMCSA’s database to confirm the company operates with above-board business practices.
  • Read customer reviews. Don’t negate the power of real-life moving experiences. Even if a company gives you a good feeling on the phone, cross reference it with customer reviews on reliable sites, such as Yelp, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Factors Affecting Your Interstate Move’s Cost

Because every interstate move is unique, you can’t always count on general price ranges when preparing your budget. Think about the following factors going into the quote process:

  • Distance: The mileage between your origin location and your new home will impact your move’s cost. Small local moves are generally cheaper than cross-country moves.
  • Volume/weight: Large and complex moves from multi-bedroom homes will cost more than a small move from a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Consider decluttering if you have a lot of items you may not use in your new home.
  • Full-service vs. self-service: Do you need full-service packing and labor help or are you willing to DIY? Professional movers can reduce the hassle of your move but add to the total cost. Self-service can reduce your costs but leave you with more responsibilities.
  • Additional services: Add-on services for specialty items, furniture assembly, and short- or long-term storage will increase your total cost, but it can give you a more stress-free moving experience.
  • Insurance coverage: If you elect full-value protection, you’ll end up paying more than basic valuation coverage.
  • Packing materials: Don’t discount the cost of packing supplies and moving packages. Things like bubble wrap, boxes, custom crates, furniture pads, and moving blankets can add up if you’re not savvy in how you source them. Check out liquor stores, community groups, and grocery stores to save on supplies.
  • Flexible vs. binding estimates: Flexible moving estimates may seem like a good idea at face value, especially if your move goes smoother than expected, but it can leave you with a bigger bill if anything changes. Binding estimates give you a flat-rate number to count on as you navigate the moving process.

Planning Your Interstate Move

Your brain is already working on overdrive to keep living daily life and not every moving company provides a hands-on move coordinator. Where does that leave you? That’s where our expertise comes in.

Consider this convenient moving checklist as you plan for your interstate move.

Evaluate Your Moving Needs

Will you move directly into your new home or will you need storage services for a length of time? Do you have a flexible move-in date or do you need a definite pickup and drop-off date due to your schedule? Is there any chance you’ll need auto transport service options?

Consider whether or not you’re willing to DIY or if you want to hand over the reins to professional movers. Keep in mind that full-service moving companies cost a lot more than self-service. Your type of move, desired storage options, and other moving needs will impact the cost of your move.

Set Your Budget

Once you have a better idea of what you’re looking for, request quotes from several moving companies and review their service options to see if they can meet your moving needs.

Before you move, you’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to pay for long-distance movers. Get a quote from at least three moving companies to see a ballpark range of how much you can expect to spend. If there’s a disparity between your quotes and your desired budget, you may need to reevaluate your moving needs until you can arrive at a happy medium.

Determine Your Transport Preferences

Are you comfortable driving yourself or would you rather hand over your household goods and meet them at your new home? There are a lot of options in this area.

Consider renting a moving truck, packing a storage container, hiring a full-service moving company, or a combination approach.

Schedule Your Moving Date

Some providers will give you a locked-in moving date, while others give a general range. You may be able to get a guaranteed delivery and pickup date if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bones or agree to a more rigid cancellation policy.

Either way, having a direct conversation with a moving company and confirming your expectations will ensure minimal surprises as you navigate the complexities of the moving process.

Organize and Pack

Gather your packing supplies, invite some friends over, bring in third-party packing services, or hire full-service movers to get your belongings together. If you have specialty items — such as pianos, outdoor equipment, fine art, or fragile items — you may want to consider custom crating to protect them in transit.

During this time, you may also want to consider decluttering or minimizing unnecessary belongings if you’re worried about keeping your moving costs down.

Get Through Moving Day

On your moving date, you can greet your full-service movers, coordinate any third-party labor you hired, or get to work loading a moving vehicle on your own. Pack everything as square as possible and protect any fragile items with bubble wrap or moving pads to minimize damage.

Once you’ve loaded everything, you can embark on your journey to your new home and unpack when you get there.

FAQs About Interstate Moves

How is an interstate move different from a long-distance move?

An interstate move crosses state lines whereas a long-distance move doesn’t necessarily have to leave the state. Most moving companies define a long-distance move as any move over 400 miles. An interstate move could be a shorter distance, even though it involves relocating from one state to another.

What is the difference between a moving carrier and a moving broker?

The difference between a moving carrier and a moving broker is who the company employs to complete your move. A moving carrier will service your move with their own full-time employees, and a moving broker sub-contracts to partner moving carriers in their network. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but moving carriers tend to have more consistent service quality.

What is the cheapest way to move between states?

The cheapest way to move between states will depend on the size of your move and your must-have services. Generally, portable storage containers and moving truck rentals are the most cost-effective moving solutions if you’re willing to do some or all of the labor on your own.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an interstate move?

You need to schedule your interstate move at least two months (or eight weeks) in advance to ensure you have time to account for all logistics and confirm your moving date.

During peak moving season, you should book even earlier. Moving during the off-season may accommodate more last-minute reservations.

Should I buy moving insurance?

Moving insurance can provide extra peace of mind during the transit process. You should buy moving insurance if the cost to replace any of the valuables in your shipment would be a financial burden. You’ll definitely want to consider moving insurance if you have a lot of specialty or fragile items.

There are different tiers of insurance coverage. You can opt for full-value protection or take the more basic valuation coverage which is often included in your moving quote.

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